The Changeling – The DVDfever Review – Apple TV+ – LaKeith Stanfield

The Changeling The Changeling is described as “a fairy tale for grown-ups. A horror story, a parenthood fable, and a perilous odyssey through a New York City you didn’t know existed.” Hmm… sounds like a pretentious load of waffle.

Victor LaValle, who wrote the novel, begins with the narration: “Once upon a time, on July 5th 1852, 52 men and women sailed out of Norway, in an undersized sloop they named Restauration. These immigrants sought religious freedom from persecution, so they fled to America. Not just an improbable crossing, an impossible one. ow in the world did they make it? They had help, that’s how. Tell me your life’s voyage and I will tell you who you are.”

So, this continues to quick-start with a load of nonsensical gibberish.

After the altercation with a shouty man in a library who needs the toilet, Apollo (LaKeith StanfieldHaunted Mansion) asks out librarian Emma (Clark BackoI Want You Back), but seemingly, since she’s only just met him, she declines… at which point the story goes back to 1968, the time of a rubbish strike. Brian West (Jared AbrahamsonDetour) met Lilian Kagwa (Alexis LouderViolent Night), Apollo’s eventual mum and Dad – around the time her clownshoes boss fires her, and 9 years on, in 1977, he’s still after her! Stalk much?!

Similarly, Apollo’s trying the same. Jeez, get a life! However, it works…

Beyond that, the opener flicks back and forth betweeen present day and 1977, then to 1988 and a canter through Apollo’s life up to date, although why shows him playing the 1979 arcade game Galaxians in 1988 is anyone’s guess.

Throw in some weird nonsense about a wristband with three wishes, and after subsequently watching the trailer, The Changeling seems to be what it’s all about. Just random gibberish. Yawn!

There’s certainly no strike when it come to the amount of rubbish in this script, though. I watched the opener, then – as I mentioned – the trailer, then tried to flick through the second episode, but it was a chore. I’m out.

Invasion is on Apple TV+ from Friday September 8th, but isn’t yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD. Initially, three episodes are available, and additional episodes will stream weekly.

The Changeling – Official Trailer – Apple TV+

Detailed specs:

Running time: 45-60 mins per episode for most episodes
Release date: September 8th 2023 (first 3 episodes, then weekly)
Studio: Apple TV+
Format: 2.39:1

Series Directors: Jonathan van Tulleken, Dana Gonzales, Melina Matsoukas, Michael Francis Williams
Novel: Victor LaValle
Screenplay/Creator for TV: Kelly Marcel
Music: Dan Deacon

Apollo: LaKeith Stanfield
Emma: Clark Backo
Brian West: Jared Abrahamson
Lillian Kagwa: Alexis Louder
Lina: Jonelle Gunderson
Carlotta: Emy Coligado
Yurina: Elena Hurst
Lillian: Adina Porter
Kim Valentine: Amirah Vann
Narrator: Victor LaValle
Patrice Green: Malcolm Barrett