The Chase – Eden wins £75,000 (Video taster included) – Highest single player amount!

The Chase - Eden The Chase – Eden wins £75,000 (Video taster included) – Highest single player amount!

The Chase has seen a new contender take the crown as largest amount won by a single player, and that player is 20-year-old Eden, in a new episode, but one that was filmed before the pandemic began in 2020, hence why Bradley Walsh was able to congratulate him with a hug.

The Chaser this time was Darragh Ennis, aka Dennis The Menace, who’s effectively taken over Paul Sinha’s slot, and when Eden was asked: “What are you going to do with the money?”, his first thought was, “Just look at it in my bank account!”

Hopefully, the full video will be put online soon, but here’s a taster for now, and below, you can see when Judith won on the show back in 2019:

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February 8th 2019:

Former title: The Chase – Judith wins £70,000 (Video included) – Highest single player amount!

The Chase Judith The Chase – Judith was the only player to make it through to the final round of today’s contest and when you’re on your own and in seat 4, GO HIGH!

The chances of making it out with whatever you win are extremely slim against a Chaser, so Judith went for it. And rightly so.

The budding potter wanted some money to pay for lessons and now she has the money to pay for a zillion of them (almost) as, after being offered £70,000, she first answered 20 questions correctly (just missing out on 21 as the two-minute timer was up), and then went on to pushback Chaser Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, by executing 8 out of the 9 pushbacks available to her.

At least ITV has had to pay out some sizeable money to a single contestant after Gareth just missed out recently with a £20,000 jackpot on Tipping Point.

Twitter user @camkirkham_ (see his pics below) summed it up perfectly: “Bloody hell Judith. Had her back against the wall from day 1. Blood, sweat and tears were shed. But she battled on and came out of it with £70,000 which will pay for her pottery classes. One for the history books. A god amongst woman. Judith. #TheChase”

The Chase – Jenny. Legend!

Check out the video of the Final Chase below, as well as the video of her beating the Chaser in the head-to-head, but it’s a shame ITV haven’t uploaded the section where Judith gets those 20 points in the first place. There’s also Cam’s pics below, as well as ITV’s video of the post-quizzing analysis.