The Devil’s Hour – The DVDfever Review – Amazon Prime Video – Jessica Raine

The Devil’s Hour is something I’ve never heard of before, but is apparently the hour between 3-4am, when most people are normally fast asleep.

However, for Lucy Chambers (Jessica RainePatrick Melrose), she wakes up bang on 3.33am every night. The first time we see her do this, she goes to make a brew. Quite frankly, the last thing you need is a drink in the night. Just have a wee and go back to bed.

It’s not just her, though, as her son, Isaac, also comes downstairs. Is he acting weird or just sleepwalking? Either way, a trip to chat to psychiatrist Dr Ruby Bennett (Meera Syal) is in order. There was a reason he descended the stairs, but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

Meanwhile, Lucy is a social worker who’s dealing with a man called Rob who has some serious issues, leading to her getting weird flashes before her eyes, making this all feel like it has a Tales of the Unexpected vibe. However, I can see from the first episode that there will be more to this particular story, so it’s not ‘one story per part’ like TOTU.

There’s a number of changes in direction for this, showing two cops – younger DI Ravi Dhillon (Nikesh Patel) and old hand DS Nick Holness (Alex FernsAndor) – going to visit a house where a rather grim event has taken place, and if you’ve seen Dexter, you’ll know to have a strong stomach to hand… so to speak.

Additionally, it cuts to a blonde woman, and to say she’s having an extremely bad day is an understatement.

Also throw in Peter Capaldi‘s dulcet tones as Gideon. His Doctor could’ve been great, if only he’d been given decent scripts.

Some, none or all of this may become clear at some point, but while initially I was confused.Dom over this, later, it just felt a little bit weird and not spooky-weird. I’ll check out a second episode, anyway.

Thanks to our friends at Prime Video for the screener prior to release.

The Devil’s Hour is on Prime Video from October 28th, with the six episodes streaming weekly.

The Devil’s Hour – Official Trailer – Amazon Prime Video

Series Directors: Johnny Allan, Isabelle Sieb
Producer: Ken Horn
Writer: Tom Moran
Music: The Newton Brothers

Lucy Chambers: Jessica Raine
Gideon: Peter Capaldi
Young Sylvia: Kim Allan
Isaac: Benjamin Chivers
Dr Ruby Bennett: Meera Syal
Karen Mulligan: Sandra Huggett
Rob Shaw: John Alistair
Shane Fisher: Kyle Rowe
DI Ravi Dhillon: Nikesh Patel
DS Nick Holness: Alex Ferns
Paula Slade: Caroline O’Neill
Mike: Phil Dunster
Sylvia: Barbara Marten
Gerald Bell: Sidney Livingstone
Archie: Harley Broomfield
Miss Elena Rogers: Rosie Jones
Chloe Fisher: Carys Gaylor
Tilly Fisher: Lunar Longhurst
Meredith Warren: Talia Walker-Bassols
Lee Warren: Thomas Dominique
Young Lucy: Cecilia Blair
PC Beth Courtney: Ramanique Ahluwalia
Linda Jones: Joan Hodges