The DVDfever Radio Show back tomorrow at 2pm on North Manchester 106.6 & online!

The DVDfever Radio Show The DVDfever Radio Show: Yep, this show is still normally on a Tuesday at midday, but there were some problems with the system then which meant that the first hour didn’t play out, so the whole thing’s been rescheduled for this Friday at 2pm.

This is a weekly radio show on North Manchester FM 106.6 where I look through the week’s releases in movies and videogames, plus the charts, a look at what’s new on TV, and news for all three!

The show features reviews, charts and new releases for films and videogames plus a look and the week’s TV and plenty of news!

And every music track gets played in full without interruption!

You can listen online here

This week features:

  • Rampart – starring Woody Harrelson & Ice Cube – DVD review
  • U.S. Top 10 Movies
  • New U.K. cinema releases out this week: including The Watch, Cockneys Vs Zombies, Total Recall, V/H/S and… (sigh) Keith Lemon: The Film.
  • New Blu-ray & DVD releases out this week: including Battleship, Lockout, Doctor Who: Planet of Giants, Elles and Irvine Welsh’s Ecstacy.
  • Top 10 Videogames charts plus Top 40 new entries and new releases : including Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Xbox 360, PS3, Mac, PC), Damage Inc – Pacific Squadron WWII (Xbox 360, PS3) and Madden NFL 13 (Xbox 360, PS3).
  • Suzi Hoffman talks to author and broadcaster Phil Frampton and the movement for an apology on forced adoption.
  • TV shows reviewed from the past two weeks: Accused (BBC1), Seven Dwarves: The Wedding (C4), The Best of Men (BBC2) and C4’s Funny Fortnight: Peter Kay Live: The Tour That Didn’t Tour – Tour, Verry Terry, The Weekenders, Clive Anderson Talks Back – Peter Cook Special.
  • A look ahead to new programmes on this coming week: I’m Spazticus (C4), Accused ep.2 (BBC1), Them From That Thing (C4), Fonejacker: Walking the Cat (C4), Vic and Bob’s Lucky Sexy Winners (C4), Just Around the Corner (C4), Comedy Blaps: Nick Helm Solid Gold Super Hits One, and Viz, plus Dr. Brown (C4), Bad Sugar (C4), The Boyle Variety Performance (C4) and Norbert Smith, a Life (C4).

Track listing (first hour):

  • 1. Drowning Pool – Bodies
  • 2. Public Enemy – Rebel Without a Pause
  • 3. Haddaway – What is Love
  • 4. Black – Paradise Lost
  • 5. Old Suits – Now You’re a Ghost
  • 6. Nik Kershaw – Running Scared
  • 7. Yes – Love Will Find A Way
  • 8. Stevie Wonder – Lately

Track listing (second hour):

  • 1. Radiohead – Karma Police
  • 2. Sting – Mad About You
  • 3. A-Ha – The Living Daylights
  • 4. Streetband – Toast
  • 5. John Farnham – Age Of Reason
  • 6. Baccara – Yes Sir I Can Boogie
  • 7. Elton John – The Last Song

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You can listen online here so please tune in from 12pm Tuesday!

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