The Last Of Us Part II – Release date trailer

The Last Of Us Part II
The Last Of Us Part II FINALLY has a release date! And a new trailer! Now hurry up and come out!!!!

And it’s out on February 21st 2020!

I’m also looking forward to the Special Edition boxsets for this game, and it turns out there’s FIVE of them! You can also see the video from Teysind’s Gaming Spot below, which describes them all. They’re pretty pricey!

Check out the trailer below:

The Last Of Us Part II
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June 12th 2018:

The Last Of Us Part II is coming on a date which has yet to be revealed, so that’s 2019 at the earliest, but… it has a pretty fucking immense photo-realistic cut-scene between Ellie and her girlfriend, Dina. I dread to think how long that took to render in a computer. Along the way, it all kicked off and looked incredible.

The same can NOT be said for the Sony’s E3 conference, which took place in a sort-of church/barn-type place. This first looked like their usual laziness of recent years, as they stopped hiring out the huge venue that Microsoft use. However, with the church side of things, Sony’s Shawn Layden likened it to Kingsman: The Secret Service. Yes, a massacre joke always goes down well(!)

All that said, if there’s one game I can honestly use the word “hyped” and say that I am hyped for it, this is the one.

The muted response from the crowd was rather odd, though, as was the ‘intermission’ that came straight afterwards, as Layden went somewhere else to talk to two bods and just ignore the audience. Who cares about waffle? Did Microsoft give us tons of waffle? NO!

In their 12-minute intermission (YES, 12 minutes after 20!), there were a load of trailers which felt like filler. Even if any of them were for good games, everyone had stopped caring as we didn’t know what the hell was going on! Anyhoo, everyone was now in a new room, which made the first one a complete waste of time, just to give us the church/barn-game comparison.

Several people aired their thoughts about this on Twitter. I’ll hide them behind a spoiler heade in case you don’t care for them, and just want to get to the trailer.

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

The Last Of Us Part II

Previously on DVDfever:

October 30th 2017:

The Last Of Us Part II is the forthcoming sequel to the 2013’s The Last Of Us, in case that might’ve slipped you by, and it was easily my favourite game of that year and one of my favourites of the past decade, so much so that I played through it twice on the PS3. I’ve also played the Remastered version on PS4 but not all the way through.

Last year, the trailer shown live at the the Playstation Experience told us little, but clearly, Troy Baker reprises his role of Joel, while Ashley Johnson returns as Ellie. This latest video took it’s time. Why wasn’t it shown at E3??

Anyhoo, as the developers explain in this extended trailer, Part II will take in the next Naughty Dog engine, with improved lighting, facial features and muscle definition, amongst other improvements.

No release date is yet known for this second entry in the series, but given that we’re still waiting for it, and since the sequel takes place five years after the first, I would expect it in the summer or 2018.

Check out our review of The Last Of Us on PS3, and also the The Last Of Us Part II extended trailer below, plus our complete walkthrough of the first game, and click on the picture of Ellie for the full-size version: