The Parades – Official Trailer – Netflix – Masami Nagasawa

The Parades The Parades is a forthcoming movie from Netflix, starring Masami Nagasawa.

Synopsis: The parade of love goes on.

A new, emotional film created by a cast and crew at the forefront of Japanese cinema, starring Masami Nagasawa, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Ryusei Yokohama, Nana Mori, Lily Franky and more.

This is a story told from the perspective of those who have passed on, about their love for the people they’ve left behind.
The film embraces inevitable loss as a celebratory parade and will remind you of your loved ones. This warm and moving must-see movie is coming this winter.

Written and directed by Michihito Fujii (The Last 10 Years), Music and Theme Song by Yojiro Noda.

The Parades is on Netflix from February 29th, and we’ll be reviewing it soon.

Check out the trailer below:

The Parades – Official Trailer – Netflix