The Trick – The DVDfever Review – Jason Watkins – BBC Drama

The Trick The Trick centres around Phil Jones (Jason Watkins – Line of Duty), who was the keynote speaker at COP15, aka the Climate Change Conference 2009, in London.

It deals with the subject of “Climategate”, in which it’s stated that a series of emails cyberhacked his theories, and proved that the link between the Earth’s temperature and mankind’s activity was fabricated, and so that man had nothing to do with it, thus putting Jones’ position in jeopardy. However, as it states in the billing for the drama – he was later exonerated. Hence, this drama is all about the journey rather than the destination.

Before I get into looking at the drama, within the first 10 minutes I was already aware that it wasn’t really written for the screen by a man called Owen Sheers, but the mainstream media narrative.

This year sees COP26 taking place, those (usually) annual jollies for two weeks every winter – where 300,000 bigwigs and hangsers-on fly around the world to tell us that mankind flying is bad – and they go to some far-flung hot destination for the last bit of sun of the year… except someone made a boo-boo and assigned them to Glasgow, for 2021. Still, at these events, they’ll all sit around tables claiming to be making deals – when in reality, they’ll just sit and do nothing for two weeks… only just happening to be staying on for an extra two days (again, at the taxpayers’ expense), and then one of them will say they’ve made that deal, and climb onto the table and jump up and down like an escaped mental patient.

Yes, this is all about so-called “man-made climate change”. Those last two words used to be known as “global warming”, but then those in charge realised the world wasn’t constantly warming up, so they renamed it to the vague “climate change”.

For the last few decades, it was mostly stuffy old men in suits telling us the prophecy that “The End Is Nigh”, and we have X number of years left to save the Earth, which we were told in 2019 is 12 years.

But then they realised that no-one listens to stuffy old men, so they needed a new face and voice. Enter the parents of Greta Thunberg, who staged a series of “School strikes for climate” where she’d bunk off for a Friday afternoon and sit outside. Yeah, try that in your school, and see how quickly you get detention, or expelled!

Greta should really have stayed in school, and not be manipulated by her parents, but thanks to them pushing her all around the world for the last three years, like the Second coming of Christ, and they’ve made millions out of it.

As such, all the stuffy old men jump and cheer whenever she appears, making her demands like Howard Beale in Network, and she’ll keep going until the day she discovers boys.

But the mainstream media doesn’t just stop there. In the run-up to COP26, we have this drama, as well as biased interviews with Prince Charles, by Justin Rowlatt. The latter is the BBC’s “climate change correspondent”, so his job is to whip up the scaremongering, but without looking presentable, given his dishevelled appearance and scruffy beard.

As for the Royal Family, they have oodles of rooms in palaces which could be used to accommodate the homeless, but they keep them to themselves. They’re richer than astronauts, and could spend billions on solving the alleged problem of climate change, but why use their own money?

And this is also the same Royal Family who, centuries ago, raped and pillaged the land to steal those palaces. So, they’re not theirs to hoard away, anyway.

COP26 is being billed as a “last chance to save the Earth”. Jeez, enough with the dumbass scaremongering!

But what about those who dare question the mainstream media narrative about “man-made climate change”? They’re frozen out from the discussion shows, just like David Bellamy.

Imagine dropping those truth bombs like how the Glacier National Park put up a sign in 2010, stating that by 2020, all the glaciers would be gone! Come 2020, they’re still there! So, they made a new sign, but just removed the date(!)

Of course, the climate’s always changed during the Earth’s 4.6bn years in existence, but to think that it’s only mankind who can have that effect as of 1850 onwards, since the start of the Industrial Revolution? That’s just so conceited.

A lot of people put stock in the belief when they hear: “Scientists are 97% convinced MMGW is a thing” – which means 97% are convinced MMGW is 100% the problem, then we hear instead, “Scientists are convinced 97% of GW is down to mankind”, which means they’re 100% convinced MMGW is the cause of 97% of it – which is an entirely different thing, and if you tried that in a court of law, it would be thrown out on the grounds of reasonable doubt.

And then there’s variations on the figure, with anything from 92% upwards. They make this guff up as they go along!

Still, it doesn’t stop the moneymen from coming up with these scams in the form of “green taxes” which will just go into their private accounts, and will leave the gullible to assume their money is being put to good use.

If you believe the mainstream media narrative that the Earth will be uninhabitable by the end of this century, then you really have fallen for the “blah, blah, blah” of which Greta’s scriptwriters speak.

The only climate with which you have to concern yourself, is the climate of fear around all this.

Now, about the drama…

The police declare it as a Category A investigation, which is normally reserved for murders, so they’re already overegging the pudding and doubting anyone who ventures an alternate viewpoint. So, when challenged by DS Anita Suppiah (Tara Divina), the cop in charge observes that as the cyberhackers are trying to disrupt “the global response to climate change”, so “maybe Cat A isn’t high enough”. As such, Anita suddenly nods intently. Ugh…

And that’s not the only time she’s lectured at, only ever causing her to do little more than nod and say, “Wow!”

So, she is meant to represent anyone with any doubt about what they’re being fed by the MSM.

Meanwhile, Sam Bowen (George MacKay) and Neil Wallis (Jerome Flynn) are there to investigate what Phil Jones did or didn’t say and do, but their characters come across as nothing but angry proponents for aiding the narrative of “Ooh, climate change is ALL man-made! How can anyone else think different!”

And don’t forget more scaremongering about how the world will heat up by 10 degrees Centigrade, 70% of the Earth will be uninhabitable, and more rubbish you normally expect only from the Bible. In fact, all the pro-“man-made climate change” scaremongering sounds precisely like everything that normally comes out of the mouths of the religious, telling us how humans are damned, etc.

The Trick isn’t a drama, but a shameless lecture, beating us over the head with a baseball bat, especially in the conclusion with at least two ‘fourth wall’ breaks. In addition to this and the Prince Charles programme, the televised narrative also includes early evening filler Shop Well For The Planet, the forthcoming collaborative collusion between all the soap operas about it, plus anything in recent years from David Attenborough – the man with more airmiles than anyone.

The biggest trick is that if you watch this in full, as I did, you’ve just wasted 90 minutes of your life.

The Trick is on BBC1 on Monday October 18th at 8.30pm. It’s not to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD.

After broadcast, each episode will be on the BBC iPlayer.

The Trick – Official Trailer – BBC

Score: 100% Scaremongering/10

Director: Pip Broughton
Producer: Adrian Bate
Writer: Owen Sheers
Music: Laurence Love Greed

Phil Jones: Jason Watkins
Sam Bowen: George MacKay
Ruth Jones: Victoria Hamilton
Edward Acton: Adrian Edmondson
Lisa Tremble: Amber Rose Revah
Neil Wallis: Jerome Flynn
Gareth Ellmann: Rhashan Stone
Senator James Inhofe: Stuart Milligan
Chris Sear: Chris Larkin
Sir David King: David Calder
Stella Acton: Pooky Quesnel
DSI Julian Gregory: Justin Salinger
Chairman (HOC): Billy Hartman
Graham Stringer: Andrew Dunn
Trevor Davies: Aneirin Hughes
Richard Girling: Richard Elfyn
Reporter (Copenhagen): Pinar Ögün
DS Anita Suppiah: Tara Divina
Barrymore Bowen: Sam Cox
Chief Superintendent Rebecca Weeks: Maria Pride
Conference Host: Kevin McCurdy
Bill Harvey: Dan Emrys-Thomas
Lily Jones: Anwyn Sheers
Christie Bowen: Mia Brown
Rose Bowen (12): Chloe Brown
Rose Bowen (18 months): Story Addiscott
Teenage Lily Jones: Elizabeth Bennett