Viewpoint – The DVDfever Review – Noel Clarke – FINALE PULLED FROM SCHEDULE!

Viewpoint: 2nd UPDATE 30 April 2021: The finale is now on the ITV Hub, and it’s just there for 2 days at the time of posting this. I assumed it would be seven days, but 2 is very small indeed. I expect it’s actually three days, but like iPlayer, it rounds down, so as it’s just under 3 days at the time of posting, it says ‘2 days’. Thoughts about the finale come later in this review.

Viewpoint UPDATE 30 April 2021: ITV have confirmed that the finale will NOT be broadcast on ITV tonight, and that it’ll only be available on the ITV Hub for “a limited time”. At the time of posting this it’s not yet online, but while yes, I have seen the finale, if anyone asks me the outcome, I’ll go all ‘Joanne Davidson’ on them and say “No comment”.

Clearly ITV think this is a serious enough issue to pull the finale, and this Doctor Who Q&A interview has also come to light where Noel Clarke is talking about John Barrowman and how he kept getting his penis out on set, and waving it in the faces of women because he thought it was oh, so funny… Ugh, he sounds insufferable.

Here is the official press release from ITV, today:

  • “ITV has a zero tolerance policy to bullying, harassment and victimisation and robust procedures in place to investigate and deal with any complaints. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to work in a supportive and safe environment.

    In light of the very serious nature of the allegations against Noel Clarke raised by 20 women in the Guardian’s report, ITV has decided it is no longer appropriate to broadcast the final episode of the drama Viewpoint on ITV main channel this evening.

    “We are mindful that some of our viewers have already invested four hours of their time over the past four nights in following this thriller which was due to conclude this evening, and they have yet to see the final episode. As such we plan to make it available on ITV Hub tonight for a limited time for any viewers who wish to seek it out, and watch its conclusion.”

Viewpoint UPDATE: ITV have confirmed that the nightly drama series is continuing, despite the allegations that have been announced tonight regarding Noel Clarke allegedly sexually assaulting at least 20 women who have come forward. However, BAFTA have suspended him, following giving him the Outstanding British Contribution Award to Cinema on April 10th.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled review:
Viewpoint is so-called because DC Martin Young (Noel ClarkeSAS: Red Notice, Twist, Bulletproof) carries out stakeouts on potentially nefarious individuals. The actor also recently won the 2021 BAFTA Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award for being the person best able to play Noel Clarke in everything.

In the frame for this series is Greg (Fehinti Balogun), seen early on striking his better half, Gemma (Amy Wren). They’re right opposite Zoe’s (Alexandra RoachUtopia) flat, hence for a good look, Martin sets up his camera equipment there. Zoe’s also taken an interest because she’s got to know Gemma at the local nursery.

It’s not long before the usual cop tropes kick in, because Martin has a difficult homelife, having to abandon the job for a few hours because his son’s in hospital, being treated for a bump on the head. And of course, telling Zoe not to use the equipment falls on deaf ears and made her turn into James Stewart in Rear Window, spying on the neighbours and seeing some bad stuff go down… leading to a moment where watching her trying to take a picture of a moving car was hilarious, since it wouldn’t focus. At least she realised that – all too often, dramas show someone taking important pictures with a single snap, without taking time to line up the shot, and it all comes out perfectly(!)

However, Martin has other issues, since he mumbles a lot and has a face on him that looks like he’s just dropped the biggest fart ever, and hopes no-one will notice.

Also, why is every police HQ set on a floor in a run-down building with no plaster on the walls, and builder support stilts instead of pillars? No cop shop would operate like that. Who in TV Dramaland keeps thinking that’s realistic?

Seeing how the first episode panned out and ended, there was about half the content than there was the running time, and since this is spread out over five nights, it could’ve been crammed into two or three episodes with ease, based on the opener.

On the plus side, Viewpoint is set in Manchester, with none of those pesky, murderous caves that Intruder had.

On a COVID-related note, Bronagh Waugh – who plays Martin’s colleague, DC Stella Beckett – said on today’s BBC Breakfast that everyone on the cast had a COVID test every 2 days, so they were able to act in close proximity and touch each other, rather than standing three miles apart like some soap operas.

Note, that after broadcast of each episode, the following updates may contain spoilers:

UPDATE Episode 2:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

UPDATE Episode 3:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

UPDATE Episode 4:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

UPDATE Episode 5:

Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Viewpoint continues on ITV tomorrow night at 9pm and is broadcast nightly until Friday, and after broadcast, each episode will be on the ITV Hub, and it can be pre-ordered on Blu-ray and DVD, ahead of its release on May 31st.

You can read the Guardian’s story about the Noel Clarke allegations here.

Episode 1: 4/10
Episode 2: 3/10
Episode 3: Zzz/10
Episode 4: Zzz/10
Episode 5: Nonsense/10

Director: Ashley Way
Producer: Clare Shepherd
Writer: Tom Farrelly
Creator: Harry Bradbeer, Ed Whitmore
Music: Jack Halama

DC Martin Young: Noel Clarke
Zoe Sterling: Alexandra Roach
Greg Sullivan: Fehinti Balogun
DI Liam Cox: Phil Davis
DC Stella Beckett: Bronagh Waugh
Gemma Hillman: Amy Wren
Carl Tuckman: Dominic Allburn
Lena Jones: Kalia Brooks
Caitlin Sterling: Kíla Lord Cassidy
Chloe Tuckman: Lucy Chambers
Sadie Walsh: Maud Druine
DC Roly Dalton: Marcus Garvey
Pavel Ludic: Hubert Hanowicz
Tim: Andrew Hawley
Janice Baines: Karen Henthorn
Melissa: Sia Kiwa
Dominic Banley: Phill Langhorne
DC Hayley Jones: Shannon Murray
DCI Jill Conroy: Sarah Niles
Sarah Young: Carlyss Peer
Wictor: Daniel Ponomari
Donald Vernon: Ian Puleston-Davies
Vic: Shane Senior
Fiona Baker: Erin Shanagher
Kate Tuckman: Catherine Tyldesley
Lucy Graves: Emily Brady