Vue Cinemas open Manchester Printworks on May 24th

Vue CinemasManchester movie-goers will be treated to a new viewing experience later this month, as Vue Cinemas announce the opening date for their Printworks site as next Wednesday, May 24th.

The much-anticipated announcement comes after the news that Vue Entertainment would be taking over the Odeon Printworks cinema at the heart of the city centre following CMA approval.

The 23-screen cinema, which has 4,472 seats and the second largest IMAX screen in Europe, will open to the public after being closed for a short transitional period from 19th until 24th May.

The official opening date was announced by the general manager at Vue Printworks who said: “We’re really excited about unveiling our new cinema to the people of Manchester. There’s been a real buzz since we announced our arrival at the Printworks, and I can’t wait for us to make our mark on the city centre.’ This is a really exciting time for us, and we are very much looking forward to properly making our mark on Manchester city centre.

Vue has long been recognized as being one of the most innovative and technologically advanced cinemas in the country, so customers will be able to watch the huge blockbusters coming out this year from the very best seat possible!”

The May 24th opening date coincides with the release of the highly anticipated Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge – meaning customers can catch the latest instalment in this world-conquering franchise while enjoying Vue’s premium big screen experience.

The manager adds: “We’re also pleased to announce that our Printworks cinema will offer £3.99 Super Days on Mondays, so movie buffs can sign up online and enjoy the best movies for less each week. Our IMAX screen is also set to be one of only three in the UK which will be showing the war epic Dunkirk on the full aspect in the correct ratio, so customers should get their tickets as soon as pre-booking opens later in the year.”

Vue UK, is part of the largest cinema group in the world outside of the US, Vue International, providing cinema fans with an unbeatable screen, seat and sound experience for the ultimate evening of big screen entertainment.

On a personal note, having seen a number of films on the Printworks IMAX screen, I know it is the King of Auditoria in the North. It’s only one of four cinemas in the entire UK which can project 70mm IMAX prints, which have an aspect ratio that opens up to a maximum of 1.44:1. I explained in my 2014 Interstellar review why it was important to make the journey for such an experience – you will see footage that you will NEVER see in the exact same way again, and there are images from that film which were imprinted on my brain back in November 2014 which will never leave. This is partly down to director Christopher Nolan‘s vision, whose forthcoming Dunkirk will also be shown that way as confirmed by the Printworks manager. Note that while four cinemas in the UK can show 70mm IMAX, the number of prints available can vary, hence why only three cinemas will receive such a print from Warner Bros.

Dunkirk is due for release on July 21st and when tickets become available, secure yours early. Note that when I wrote my Interstellar review, I stated that it was rumoured to be the last ever film to be shot in 70mm IMAX. Thankfully, that was not the case, but note that Warner Bros bought ALL the remaining stocks of 70mm IMAX film, so such films will be exclusive to them… except for when they allowed the non-Warner movie, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, to use those cameras for one scene (when Rey and Finn make tracks for the Millennium Falcon and fly in it).

There are a lot of other movies shot with some of the footage in digital IMAX, which opens up to 1.90:1, hence that version would be shown at not only the Printworks, but every other IMAX screen in the country. Two 2014 examples were the original Guardians of the Galaxy, plus Transformers: Age of Extinction. For 2017, while I missed the Guardians sequel in IMAX, I will certainly be heading to the Printworks for Transformers: The Last Knight. Respectively, directors James Gunn and Michael Bay know how to make fantastic use of the IMAX cameras and there were many scenes in both of the 2014 movies which made me think that they MUST be seen that way. This year, while Guardians 2 has since left the IMAX screen, Transformers: The Last Knight opens in the UK on June 22nd.

As stated earlier, the Printworks IMAX is the second largest in Europe. The largest is the BFI London, but only by a small amount in the height department. The width is the same, but opening up to 1.44:1 looks outstanding as I’ve already confirmed, so you’re still getting the perfect bang for your buck!

Vue Printworks opens next Wednesday, on May 24th. You can book tickets here, or for all other Vue cinemas at