Which Movies Led To The Most Successful Games?

Which Movies Led To The Most Successful Games
Who doesn’t love a good movie? Everyone will have their personal preferences when it comes to the genre, but you could say that many of the classic films that have been released over the years are the types that engage a huge audience, not just a selection. Great movies often go on to inspire other areas too, especially if they’re extremely popular with viewers and successful at the box office, leading to successful games. What we have seen many times are video games that have been inspired by hit movies. So let’s take a look at a few of the best…


Goldeneye as a film is probably one of the best starring Pierce Brosnan in an era where the 007 offerings frankly became a bit hit and miss. At times the storylines were lacking and so where the action scenes but Goldeneye was certainly a film not to miss. If you ask anyone who played this game on the N64 though, they will wax lyrical about just how good a game it is. It had everything in terms of a storyline and gameplay and quite rightly is still regarded now as one of the finest games ever made.

Jurassic Park

When it comes to games being based on films, what better place to start than Jurassic Park? The original feature film which saw, a sci-fi adventure directed by Steven Spielberg, depict life on the island of Isla Nebula at a park which contained cloned dinosaurs received worldwide critical acclaim and the game which hit handhelds, consoles and PC weren’t too bad either. Since then we’ve seen even more films from the hit franchise and even more success on the gaming front too. There’s also been very popular slot games made with the Jurassic Park theme, and these can be found at trusted online casino brands like Unibet.


Alien, like Jurassic Park, is another hit movie franchise that has been a hit since the beginning. Alien first hit screens back in 1979 and saw Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley battling “The Alien” while David 8 had set about creating it. It comes as no surprise that the franchise also enjoyed great success on the gaming front too over many platforms. The pick of the bunch is probably Alien: Isolation though which brought together stealth and horror in magnificent fashion.

Star Wars

The Star Wars movie franchise is still as popular today than what it was at the beginning, possibly even more so. George Lucas’ creation has been in existence since 1977 with 9 movies so far depicting a whole manner of adventures surrounding characters a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars has been a box office hit time and time again and fans literally can’t get enough of the epic space opera. As you’d expect there have been many superb games based on the Star Wars films over the years, on most platforms, but the one which really stands out is Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic.