Forthcoming UK Blu-ray and DVD releases (May to September 2018 and beyond)

June 4th:

    120 BPM (Beats Per Minute) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Aerosmith: Rock for the Rising Sun (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Alan Bleasdale Presents: Self Catering (DVD)
    Alan Bleasdale Presents: Soft Sand, Blue Sea (DVD)
    Birth of the Dragon (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Black Butterfly (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Darkest Hour (Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and DVD)
    Den of Thieves (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Dragon Ball Super Part 3 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Flip Flappers (Blu-ray Collector’s Edition)
    Gary Moore and Friends: One Night in Dublin (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Gate: Complete Series (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Game of Thrones Season 1 (4K Blu-ray)
    Grimgar Ashes and Illusions (Blu-ray)
    Home from Home Series 1 (DVD)
    Ismael’s Ghosts (Blu-ray)
    Jake Speed (Blu-ray)
    Journey’s End (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Nazareth: No Means of Escape (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Ray Donovan Season 5 (DVD)
    Saving Private Ryan (4K Blu-ray)
    Soundtracks: Songs That Defined History (DVD)
    Status Update (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The 15:17 to Paris (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Coen Brothers: 8-movie Collection (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Dam Busters (Restored) (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Dam Busters (Restored) (Blu-ray Collector’s Edition)
    The Last Ship Season 4 (DVD)
    The Mercy (Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Repair Shop Series 1 (DVD)
    The Split Series 1 (DVD)
    The Titan (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Within These Walls: The Complete Collection (DVD)
    ZZ Top: Live at Montreux 2013 (Blu-ray and DVD)

June 11th:

    A Man Called Horse (Blu-ray)
    Akio JissĂ´ji: The Buddhist Trilogy (Blu-ray Limited Edition Box Set)
    Attack of the Adult Babies (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Better Off Dead (Blu-ray)
    Big Jake (Blu-ray)
    Black Magic 2 (Blu-ray)
    Black Panther (Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and DVD)
    Doctor Who: The Collection Season 12 (Blu-ray Limited Edition Box Set)
    Father Figures (DVD)
    Firestarter (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    Force of Evil (Blu-ray)
    Forrest Gump (4K Blu-ray)
    Jurassic Predator (DVD)
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (4K Blu-ray)
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (4K Blu-ray)
    Little Big Man (Blu-ray)
    Loveless (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Mind Ripper (Blu-ray)
    Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters – The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray)
    My Hero Academia: Season 2 Part 2 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    No Way Out (1950) (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    NYPD Blue: The Complete Series (DVD)
    Orange Is the New Black Season 5 (DVD)
    Orange Is the New Black Seasons 1-5 (DVD)
    Rio Lobo (Blu-ray)
    Roman J Israel Esq (DVD)
    Shogun (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Suits Season 7 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Suits Seasons 1-7 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Sunday in the Country (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    The Asphyx (Blu-ray)
    The Chief: The Complete Series (DVD)
    The Dark Mirror (Blu-ray)
    The Defiant Ones (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Vigil (Blu-ray)
    Will and Grace: The Revival Season 1 (DVD)
    Yusibu Collection (Blu-ray and DVD)

June 18th:

    Animerama: 1001 Nights/Cleopatra (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Berlin Alexanderplatz (Blu-ray Box Set)
    Fifty Shades Freed (Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and DVD)
    Fifty Shades Trilogy (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Heaven’s Lost Property Season 1 (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Iron Monkey (Blu-ray)
    Jubilee (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    LEGO Nexo Knights Season 2 (DVD)
    Let the Sunshine In (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 1 (Blu-ray Collector’s Edition)
    Modern Romance (Blu-ray)
    Persona 3: Movie 4 (Blu-ray)
    Phantom Thread (Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and DVD)
    Redemption: The Last Outlaw (DVD)
    Rollercoaster (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    The Children’s Hour (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    Sam Fuller at Columbia 1937-1961 (Blu-ray Box Set)
    The China Syndrome (Blu-ray)
    The Doctors: The Sylvester McCoy Years (DVD)
    The Quiet Earth (Blu-ray)
    Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist (DVD)
    Yu-gi-oh! Zexal: Season 3 Complete Collection (Episodes 99-144) (DVD Box Set)

June 25th:

    Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story (Blu-ray)
    Conduct Unbecoming (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    Dark River (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Finding Your Feet (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Hyouka: Part 2 (Blu-ray Limited Collector’s Edition)
    I, Tonya (Blu-ray and DVD)
    I Vitelloni (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Initial D Legend 3: Dream (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Juliet of the Spirits (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Kings of the Road (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Let’s Make Love (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    Lu Over the Wall (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    Mansfield 66/67 (DVD)
    Rawhide Season 5 (DVD)
    Re: Zero (Blu-ray Limited Collector’s Edition)
    Secret Beyond the Door (Blu-ray)
    Super Troopers (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    Sword Art Online Season 2 Part 2 (Blu-ray)
    The Addiction (Blu-ray)
    The Big Combo (Blu-ray)
    The Changeling (Blu-ray Limited Edition)
    The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou – The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray)
    The Rare Breed (Blu-ray/DVD Double Play)
    The Sartana Collection (Blu-ray Limited Edition Box Set)
    The Shape Of Water (Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray and DVD)
    The Spiritual Boxer (Blu-ray)
    The Living Dead Girl (Blu-ray)
    Scream for Me Sarajevo (Blu-ray and DVD)
    Wolf’s Rain: Complete Collection (Blu-ray Collector’s Edition Box Set)

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