BAFTAs and Oscars – why are they so false and unrepresentative of popular opinion?

BAFTAsBAFTAs 2018 are broadcast tonight, with the Oscars not far away, but in both cases, as with other awards ceremonies, all the same sorts of films being up for awards. Frances McDormand is up for Best Actress in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, but to me, she’s just the same old same old. Big-name critics like Jason Solomon, Peter Bradshaw and Mark Kermode all somehow loving the same films and performances? Pull the other one.

Gary Oldman is amusing as Churchill in Darkest Hour, but as a film, it’s pretty bad. Even The Shape Of Water and Lady Bird have their faults.

Similarly, Blade Runner 2049 came in for so much ridiculous fawning. Yes, it looks amazing, but as a film, it’s overlong and in the end, it’s good… but it’s not iconic. And it’s certainly not as good as the original Blade Runner, but of course, the big-name critics are told to do this by their publications, so said publications can all get their company names on the poster.

The critics can also only talk about films like Get Out and Black Panther because of the race issues they raise. Well, how about – to me – the more important question of whether they’re entertaining? Regular readers will know I’ve had rather enough of superhero movies as they all mesh into one another – and Wakanda, in Black Panther, looks like it may as well be set in outer space; while Get Out is a mish-mash of loads of films I’ve seen before, and a perfect example of ‘everything good is in the trailer’.

In addition, and in response to the #metoo movement against sexual harrassment, started by Alyssa Milano (I wonder how many people using the hashtag actually remembers that?), I understand why black dresses are being worn at the BAFTAs, but most women at these events usually wear black dresses anyway. How about an unusual colour like yellow or orange? THAT would stand out!