Charlie’s Angels 2019 – Trailer 1 – Kristen Stewart

Charlie's Angels 2019
Charlie’s Angels 2019 is classed as a reboot of the 2000 action comedy which, in turn, was based on the ’70s TV series, in which a new generation of private detectives working for the mysterious Charlie…

But what’s the plot? Even after watching the trailer, I had no idea. And adding usually-the-actress Elizabeth Banks as a director makes this feel very ‘girl power’ in a bid to draw in that crowd.

I like Kristen Stewart as an actress, and a lot of her films which I’ve seen are worth watching, but I never saw the earlier Charlie’s Angels reboot films, and I have no intention to watch this.

Charlie’s Angels 2019 is released on November 29th in the UK.

Also stars: Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Jonathan Tucker, Noah Centineo, Sam Claflin, Djimon Hounsou, Patrick Stewart, Chris Pang, Samantha Hunter Ogan, Robert Maaser, Sarah Bennani

Check out the trailer below: