Drive Buy on PC / Steam – DVDfever First Impressions – Rocket League-style game

Drive Buy Drive Buy is a new Rocket League-style game where you’ll play a number of 4-player multiplayer matches, making deliveries, retaining a pig, and many more…

I love driving games and, in all honesty, when I first saw the PR email for this, along with the trailer, I only saw ‘racing game’ and not that it was multiplayer, since that’s not my sort of thing. Hence, this will be more a ‘first impressions’ piece rather than a review, since I only played a few races.

First up is something similar to what I remember from my early times playing Midtown Madness 3, where you could either steal the ‘rabbit’ (so you’re keeping it by the end of the game), or trying to get rid of it by the end. I once spent quite a frenetic few races around Paris, with its criss-cross streets, and well into the night… or, rather, the next morning.

This time, with a pig on my van, I had to keep it for the longest time possible, and certainly longer than the other three people I was up against.

The second race involved delivery driving, where you pick up parcels and drop them off at certain points around the map – rather like a primitive version of Crazy Taxi, before going back for another race with a pig.

Like I said, I didn’t realise it was a multiplayer thing, so I’ve bailed early, but I can see that if that’s your bag, you’ll have an absolute ball with this. However, bear in mind that it’s not cheap, as it’s a penny under £20, although it does have 20% off until April 7th 2021, so it’s £15.99 for the time being.

Drive Buy is out now on PC/Steam.

3 races in Drive Buy – PC (1080p, 60fps) – DVDfeverGames

Important info:

  • Developer: Glitchers
  • Publisher: Glitchers
  • Players: 4-player multiplayer