Fortitude Episode 11 – The DVDfever Review

Fortitude Episode 11

Fortitude Episode 11 means we’re at the penultimate episode of one of the biggest disappointments in television history, so that’s something to be thankful for, at least.

Well, Dan did have a change of heart after all, even though it could drop him right in the shit, and he heads out to see Morton, but seemingly, the American English cop doesn’t want to be rescued, as he’s saying someone else will come instead. Huh?

Cue flashbacks to discussion about Pettigrew, the night he died and Dan’s apparent obsession with Elena. Pettigrew is seen goading Eric in the bar about the fact the governor’s husband is dipping his wick somewhere else, leading to typical cop-beats-up-member-of-the-public situation. The soon-to-be-dead-man wants some ice from Elena because of his beaten-up appearance, then claims it was for a drink when she brings up frozen peas to his room, instead. D’oh.

Oh, but then he handcuffs her to the bed and begins to rape her! What a bastard. Thankfully, before he can do too much, she grabs a nearby knife, stabs him in the back of the neck and manages to call the cops, Dan rescuing her just at the last moment, by which time she’s stabbed her attacker again. Dan takes Pettigrew to the seashore and returns the favour by handcuffing the bastard to the structure of which we’ve seen a picture many a time. That’s where the bastard met his demise with the polar bear and then a bullet from Henry’s gun.

But then when he removes the severed arm and the handcuffs, how come Morton later had a picture of all that? Another example of poor writing.

Back in the present, Morton tells Dan to confess or he’ll never be at peace… but Morton dies anyway, leaving Dan to head back to explain all Hildur… without incriminating himself, of course. She blindly accepts it and concludes: “It’s not a new hotel we need, is it… It’s a bigger morgue.


Pettigrew gets his just desserts…

Elsewhere, the episode is rather a hotchpotch as Michael Obiara and Yuri – now I have a name to put to “rifle man” – steal an ice drill, while Natalie is attacked in her lab by mad Jason. She later tells the police how he told her he had to “get it out” and then “get it in him”. What is it – the Hokey Cokey? Anyhoo, the cops think Jason took the drill and send Eric out in search of it, finding it abandoned… and then abandons it himself, too.

Jason’s later seen (by just us) sleeping with the carcass. Aww… nice of him to find a friend.

Carrie goes to see Liam but he’s behaving oddly in his room, muttering to his shaman toy. Dan blows Elena off about having pizza with her and Carrie, but by the end, he catches up to the Spaniard and confesses to her that he killed Pettigrew, having flipped out because the rapist told Dan he and himself were both one and the same, and that if Elena turned Dan down, he would also rape her. She declares to Dan that they are, together, two murderers, alone and together…

Later on, back home, Elena finally goes inside the room where Ronnie is, seemingly completely oblivious to the smell coming from it previously. And even more oblivious, since she just ignores that, the way that Eric ignored the ice drill. WTF?!

In hospital, the good doctor is developing moving pustules – or something grim – on her face and, naturally, it takes until the end of the episode before they notice.

That happens because Vincent opens up Charlie’s dead dog, thinking it’s got that mucus stuff inside it, but finds nothing… until Natalie takes a look deeper, inside its insides, and finds what they’re been looking for – a larva. And since it lives inside its host, they deduce that’s what’s keeping Dr Allerdyce alive. When they get to her, they find she’s covered in flies – so MRSA hasn’t been wiped out in that hospital yet!

Oh, but wait… they’re erupting from inside her! Then she sits up to burp and 100 more spill out! Nice impression of John Coffey from The Green Mile!

Fortitude Episode 11 was a slight improvement over the past few episodes, but I will be glad when this dross has finished.

Fortitude is available to pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD ahead of its release date of June 1st, and the final episode is on Sky Atlantic on Thursday at 9pm.


Dr Allerdyce… in severe need of a doctor.

Overall Score: 2/10

Director: Sam Miller
Producer: Trevor Hopkins
Screenplay: Simon Donald
Music: Ben Frost

Dan Anderssen: Richard Dormer
Elena Ledesma: Verónica Echegui
Natalie Yelburton: Sienna Guillory
Vincent Rattrey: Luke Treadaway
Jason Donnelly: Aaron McCusker
Carrie Morgan: Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips
Frank Sutter: Nicholas Pinnock
Eric Odegard: Björn Hlynur Haraldsson
Governor Hildur Odegard: Sofie Gråbøl
DCI Morton: Stanley Tucci
Henry Tyson: Michael Gambon
Liam Sutter: Darwin Brokenbro
PC Ingrid: Mia Jexen
Petra: Alexandra Moen
Yuri Lubimov: Emil Hostina
Max Cordero: Michael Obiora
Ronnie Morgan: Johnny Harris