Gone For Good – The DVDfever Review – Netflix – Finnegan Oldfield, Garance Marillier

Gone For Good Gone For Good initially centres around Guillaume (Finnegan Oldfield), whose brother, Fred, died 10 years ago, and we join the lead ten years later in the present day (well, 2020), on the eve of his mother’s funeral.

His first love, Sonia, also died around the time of his brother. Now, with Judith (Nailia Harzoune), he knows she’s driving off somewhere, but where to? And why is she crying? I do wonder what Guillaume has done to end up in a position where everyone seems to be leaving him…

The opener also goes back to 2017 when he first met and started working with Judith, and shows what an arrogant ass he’s been in the past; and in a bit of The Serpent-style time-jumps, the two timelines are intercut back and forth as Guillaume tries to find out what’s going on and why he can’t get hold of Judith.

Each episode centres mostly on a particular character, and I’ll avoid any major spoilers, but safe to say that episode 2 centres around Ines (Garance Marillier), first in 2010, around the time when events began in the first episode, where she sees Sonia’s body in the river after hearing a shot ring out, but doesn’t know what happened to her. However, it still causes her to have nightmares as a result.

One odd thing is that Guillaume has a brief conversation with Ines in the present day, he mentions Judith’s name – including her surname, Conti – to which Ines replies, “That name sounds familiar”. However, Guillaume immediately gets a phone call straight after this, takes the call, but brings the brief meeting with Ines to an end, leaving her hanging on his loose end. Surely, you’d just take the call then continue the chat with Ines, given that Judith is meant to mean the world to you, and it sounds like Ines knows something?!

Well, we do get our answer within the episode, but it’s not particularly interesting.

The whole series is now on Netflix, but after two episodes it’s getting quite slow going.

Gone For Good is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Netflix now.

Gone For Good – Official Trailer – Netflix

Episode 1 Score: 6/10
Episode 2 Score: 3/10

Detailed specs:

Running time: 45-50 mins per episode
Release date: August 13th 2021
Studio: Netflix
Format: 2.00:1

Director: Juan Carlos Medina
Producer: Xavier Matthieu
Creators: David Elkaïm, Vincent Poymiro
Screenwriters: Pauline Guéna, Nacim Mehtar
Novel: Harlan Coben
Music: Johan Söderqvist

Guillaume Lucchesi: Finnegan Oldfield
Inès Kasmi: Garance Marillier
Judith: Nailia Harzoune
Jo Ostertag: Bojesse Christopher
Fred Lucchesi: Nicolas Duvauchelle
Da Costa: Guillaume Gouix
Kesler: Grégoire Colin
Ostertag: Tómas Lemarquis