New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services – February 2024

New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services – February 2024 New Films and TV Shows on all UK Channels and Streaming Services – February 2024 from now until the end of time!

In each case for a series, the date given will be for the first episode. Some services will have more than one episode available on day one, while others will release a whole series in one go.

In all cases, everything is in English, except where stated.

I’m aiming for this to include forthcoming new shows and original films on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+, Paramount+, Roku, Sky, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, but there’s not always enough info out there for all of them, so if I miss anything coming up, please comment below.

February 2024 TV Shows and Movies:

February 1st:

    A Bloody Lucky Day – Paramount+ (Korean) (review)

February 2nd:

    Argylle – Apple TV+ (cinema release) (review)
    Let’s Talk About CHU – Netflix (Mandarin) (trailer)
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Amazon Prime (2024 Series) (review)
    Orion and the Dark – Netflix (trailer)
    The Tiger’s Apprentice – Paramount+ (trailer)

February 5th:

    Dee & Friends in Oz – Netflix

February 7th:

    Luz: The Light of the Heart – Netflix (Portuguese)
    Raël: The Last Prophet – Netflix (French)

February 8th:

February 9th:

    A Killer Paradox – Netflix (Korean) (review)
    Ashes – Netflix (Turkish)
    Bhakshak – Netflix (Hindi)
    Lover, Stalker, Killer – Netflix
    The Bricklayer – Sky Cinema (review)
    Upgraded – Amazon Prime (trailer)

February 13th:

    Kill Me If You Dare – Netflix (Polish)

February 14th:

    Alice And Jack – Channel 4 (review)
    Players – Netflix (trailer)
    Soweto Love Story – Netflix
    The Heartbreak Agency – Netflix (German)
    The New Look – Apple TV+ (trailer)
    Too Good To Be True – Channel 5 (review)

February 15th:

    House Of Ninjas – Netflix (Japanese) (review)
    Little Nicholas: Life of a Scoundrel – Netflix (Spanish docuseries)
    Ready Set Love – Netflix (Thai) (trailer)
    The Vince Staples Show – Netflix (trailer)

February 16th:

    Comedy Chaos – Netflix (Indonesian)
    The Dynasty: New England Patriots – Apple TV+ documentary

February 19th:

    Breathtaking – ITV (review)
    Einstein and the Bomb – Netflix (review)
    Rhythm + Flow Italy – Netflix Reality (Italian)
    The Way – BBC1 (review)

February 20th:

    Risqué Business: Netherlands & Germany – Netflix Variety (Korean)

February 21st:

    Can I Tell You a Secret? – Netflix docuseries
    Constellation – Apple TV+ (review)

February 22nd:

    Avatar: The Last Airbender – Netflix (review)

February 23rd:

    Mea Culpa – Netflix (trailer)
    The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth – Netflix docuseries
    The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy – Amazon Prime (trailer)
    Through My Window: Looking at You – Netflix (Spanish)

February 28th:

    American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders – Netflix docuseries
    Code 8: Part II – Netflix (trailer)

February 29th:

    A Round Of Applause – Netflix (Turkish)
    The Parades – Netflix (Japanese) (trailer)