Sony Playstation Vita Slim – released on Feb 7th

Sony Playstation Vita

The new Sony Playstation Vita Slim is due for release on February 7th. It’s 20% thinner and 15% Lighter, you can play longer with it (4-6 hours game play and 7 hours video play) and there’s Immediate Play with 1GB in-built memory card.

However, while it has a 5” touchscreen, plus unique features like the rear touch pad and dual analog sticks, this new version of the console features an LCD screen rather than an OLED screen as the original Playstation Vita had.

And, while I bought a PSP soon after launch, the one thing that puts me off buying a Playstation Vita is the lack of video output, which Sony disabled, so you can’t record gaming footage from it.

And… this slimmer handheld console is going on Amazon for a penny under £200, whereas the original Playstation Vita is available in a package with 10 games for £169!

I would buy one but, at this point, the lack of video output is a deal-breaker. And I was really hoping that Sony would’ve sorted that out this time. Sadly not. Oh, and whatever happened to the Vita TV which allows video output to the TV? That seems to only be available in Japan. We’re getting short-changed in the UK.

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