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Silo Silo is an Apple TV+ adaption of a novel set in a post-apocalyptic world where the last 10,000 remaining people live.

No-one knows why they’re down there, or who created the Silo, because their records were wiped many moons ago. Everything in the opener leads up to Freedom Day, marking the 140th anniversary since they defeated the rebels who would’ve opened up the door to the outside world and caused calamity inside.

There’s an overwhelming desire for some to go outside because they think they’re being lied to (like a government often does), but if people inside claim that it’s fine on the outside, and start shouting it to be fine to all and sundry, then they’ll be locked up before being sent out into that ‘cursed Earth’. So, it feels like being in a cult, and if you rail against it, you’ll feel the stiff arm of the law and be forced to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

From inside the place, the occupants can see the outside through protective screens, but know it’ll be along time before they can set foot out there. On the face of it, the ground beyond their space looks pretty uninhabitable and, thus, far from pretty, but is it real or is it Memorex?

The opener mostly centres around Sherriff Holston Becker (David OyelowoSee How They Run) and his wife, Allison (Rashida JonesOn The Rocks), who get a year-long pass to have a child – something that is highly controlled within such a restrictive environment. Quite right too, given that the Silo is as dirty as the Merseyway car park in Stockport.

However, as soon as they get the clearance, everyone seems to know about it. Who put it on the Bush Telegraph(?) Well, that’s how it is in this place.

Aside from the speculation as to whether the couple will conceive the baby they’ve been longing for, the very technical Allison gets on the nerves of those in charge by writing an article on how to retrieve deleted files, because they don’t want people to know that this might be a thing, so can she get to the truth of it?

Juliette Nichols (Rebecca FergusonDune Part One) is a tough cookie who fixes the silo’s generators which help keep everyone alive, whilst also dating ‘Computer George’ (Ferdinand KingsleyEmpress of Mars: Doctor Who), but a situation comes along which sees Juliette demanding the truth, but we already know this underground lair is a near-impossible place to get answers.

As an aside, I like how this is set in a sort-of futuristic time, yet all the computers have an old-style Apple Macintosh 128K-style look, albeit with a more vertical screen like something out of Arnie’s 1990 movie, Total Recall.

Plus, Tim Robbins plays a boss called “Ber-narrrd”, like Stanley Tucci’s similarly-ridiculous name in Citadel.

Overall after two episodes, there’s some great acting and heartfelt scenes in this – along with some curious answers drip-fed along the way, and I do like end-of-the-world-style dramas, so will check out more than this. I stuck it out with Apple’s Invasion, even if it was very so-so from start to finish.

Silo starts today on Apple TV+. Two episodes are available at launch, with new episodes added weekly. The series isn’t yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but you can buy the book series.

Thanks to our friends at Apple TV+ for the review screener.

Silo – Official Trailer – Apple TV+

Detailed specs:

Running time: 45-60 mins per episode (10 episodes)
Release date: May 5th 2023
Studio: Apple TV+
Format: 2.00:1

Series Directors: Morten Tyldum, David Semel
Producers: Aric Avelino, Jessica Blaire, Matthew Bird
Creators for TV: Jessica Blaire, Graham Yost
Writers: Jeffery Wang, Jessica Blaire, Lekethia Dalcoe, Ingrid Escajeda, Graham Yost, Aric Avelino, Cassie Pappas
Novel: Hugh Howey
Music: Atli Örvarsson

Juliette Nichols: Rebecca Ferguson
Dr. Pete Nichols: Iain Glen
Sherriff Holston Becker: David Oyelowo
Allison Becker: Rashida Jones
Mayor Ruth Jahns: Geraldine James
Deputy Marnes: Will Patton
George Wilkins: Ferdinand Kingsley
Kathleen Billings: Caitlin Zoz
Bernard: Tim Robbins
Gloria: Sophie Thompson
Knox: Shane McRae
Karins: Angela Yeoh
Sims: Common
Cooper: Matt Gomez Hidaka
Teddy: Olatunji Ayofe
Patrick Kennedy: Rick Gomez
Amundsen: Christian Ochoa Lavernia
Douglas Trumbull: Henry Garrett
Nurse Alice: Helene Maksoud
Martha Walker: Harriet Walter
Sandy: Chipo Chung
Jim: James Palmer
Danny: Will Merrick