The Red Sea Diving Resort – Trailer 1 – Chris Evans

The Red Sea Diving Resort
The Red Sea Diving Resort is a forthcoming Netflix movie inspired by (it says here) remarkable true life rescue missions, and is the incredible story of a group of Mossad agents and brave Ethiopians who in the early 80s used a deserted holiday retreat in Sudan as a front to smuggle thousands of refugees to Israel. The undercover team carrying out this mission is led by the charismatic Ari Kidron and courageous local Kabede Bimro.

Watching the trailer, tis looks okay, but nothing outstanding, and a bit too similar to Argo, even though it’s based on a true story.

The Red Sea Diving Resort is released on Netflix on July 31st.

Writer/Director: Gideon Raff
Stars: Chris Evans, Haley Bennett, Alona Tal, Michiel Huisman, Michael Kenneth Williams, Ben Kingsley, Alessandro Nivola, Greg Kinnear, Chris Chalk, Alex Hassell, Mark Ivanir

Check out the trailer below: