The Twelve – The DVDfever Review – ITV drama – Sam Neill

The Twelve The Twelve centres around a murder trial, with the suspect being artist Kate Lawson (Kate MulvanyElvis), accused of killing her 14-year-old niece, Claire Spears (Coco Jack GilliesMad Max: Fury Road), except that her body has never been found.

As lawyer for the defence, Brett Colby QC (Sam NeillJurassic World: Dominion) confirms, you can’t find someone guilty beyond reasonable doubt if there’s any doubt, so if there’s no body, then surely that’s doubt? Well, I doubt… that they’d make it run for ten episodes if it was going to be that easy.

This series was released in Australia from June 2022, and later launching on ITVX the following February, so it’s taken a while to get to their flagship channel. I could’ve technically watched this earlier, but hey, there’s a lot of stuff to get through.

The opener sees the jury being selected and getting to know each other – butoutside of the courtroom, the case is light Fight Club: They can’t talk about it.

We also get elements of their own lives, including Georgina (Brooke Satchwell), who has a creepy husband, Jarrod (Ngali Shaw) has a University course he’s trying to fit in, and there’s elements of Kate’s prior activities, which also must be treated like Fight Club in the courtroom.

Add in the court’s opening statements, and this first episode is slow, but nicely paced and I’ll stick with it for more, but I’ll most likely watch it at ITV pace.

The Twelve continues next Thursday at 9pm on ITV, but is already on ITVX.

It isn’t yet available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD. However, once announced, it will appear on the New DVD Blu-ray 3D and 4K releases UK list.

The Twelve – Official Trailer – ITV

Series Directors: Daniel Nettheim, Sian Davies, Greg McLean, Catherine Millar,
Producers: Ian Collie, Rob Gibson, Ally Henville, Hamish Lewis
Creator: Sanne Nuyens, Bert Van Dael
Writers: Sarah L Walker, Anchuli Felicia King, Leah Purcell, Tommy Murphy, Greg Waters, Bradford Winters, Anna Barnes, Anya Beyersdorf
Music: Rafael May

Brett Colby QC: Sam Neill
Georgina Merrick: Brooke Satchwell
Kate Lawson: Kate Mulvany
Claire Spears: Coco Jack Gillies
Alexi Menelaus: Damien Strouthos
Lucy Bloom QC: Marta Dusseldorp
Vanessa Young: Catherine Van-Davies
Simon Cavanaugh: Nicholas Cassim
Corrie D’Souza: Pallavi Sharda
Garry Thorne: Brendan Cowell
Margaret Brown: Gennie Nevinson
Jarrod Saunders: Ngali Shaw
Judge Muir: James Lugton
Farrad Jassim: Hazem Shammas
Lily Powell: Bishanyia Vincent
Ezekiel Aku: Mandela Mathia
Peter Brodsky: Daniel Mitchell
Greg: Toby Blome
Court Sheriff: Lee Robinson
Trevor Morros: Warren Lee
Jenny Raison: Amy Kersey
Diane Lawson: Jenni Baird
Jamie Merrick: Hamish Michael
Nathan Spears: Matt Nable
Detective Sam Chedid: Louisa Mignone
Sonia Spears: Silvia Colloca
Flip Menelaus: Ben Mingay
Young Kate Lawson: Jade A Potts