A Gentleman in Moscow – The DVDfever Review – Paramount+ – Ewan McGregor

A Gentleman in Moscow A Gentleman in Moscow is a new 8-part drama with Ewan McGregor (Raymond And Ray) in the titular role of Alexander Rostov.

First up, we’re told that the 1917 Revolution in Russia led to the execution of the Royal Family. Well, I’m liking them already! Can we have that over here? I’m sick of these parasites!

Following the words:

    “During the next four years, the Leninists reorganised the country.

    The Tsarist aristocracy was eradicated. Russia would belong to her people. Out with the old, and in with the new.”

…we’re introduced to our Count, as he’s witnessing a young aristocrat being dragged to his death, sinc the Russians didn’t take any prisoners back then.

Some time after the First World War has ended, it’s now 1921, and thanks to Alex writing a poem which is deemed a call to revolutionary action, and despite residing in a nice plush hotel room in Suite 317 at the Metropol, he’s now being shoved into a tiny attic, while most of his possessions will be taken away from him, along with his money. Beyond that, he cannot leave the hotel. So, it’s basically a prison, but Alex takes it in good spirit to his ‘captor’, Osip Glebnikov (Johnny HarrisWithout Sin)… or is just being sarcastic.

However, food and drink are included in his free board, so that’s a… plus?

So far, just one episode is available now, and I’m not really quite getting it. Perhaps two should’ve been put out at the start, but at least we get a flavour of it, as he meets violinist Petrov (Paul ReadyHeart Of Stone) who’s in the same boat and also dreams of ecsaping.

But will either or both ever manage to leave? Surely, that would call an early end to the series if they did?

All that said, I do like that for A Gentleman in Moscow, no-one tries to put on a Russian accent and do it badly.

A Gentleman in Moscow is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but is on Paramount+ from today.

A Gentleman in Moscow – Official Trailer – Paramount+

Detailed specs:

Running time: 50-60 minutes per episode (8 episodes, released weekly)
Release date: March 29th 2024
Studio: Paramount+
Format: 2.00:1

Series Directors: Sam Miller, Sarah O’Gorman
Screenplay: Ben Vanstone
Novel: Amor Towles
Music: Federico Jusid

Alexander Rostov: Ewan McGregor
Anna Urbanova: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Sofia (Older): Beau Gadsdon
Osip Glebnikov: Johnny Harris
Marina: Leah Harvey
Olga: Anastasia Hille
Petrov: Paul Ready
Vyshinsky: Emil Hostina
Ignatov: Steve Furst
Nina Kulikova: Alexa Goodall
Gleb: Spike Leighton
Narrator: Anna Madeley
The Countess: Penny Downie
Young Helena: Matilda Hunt
Helena: Lily Newmark
Emily: Björn Hlynur Haraldsson
Bishop: John Heffernan
Mishka: Fehinti Balogun
Vasily: Daniel Cerqueira
Shalyapin Barman: Jean-Pascal Heynemand