Tom Holland – Sacked from Spider-Man?

Tom Holland Tom Holland is currently the man in the Spider suit, but could things change after today’s news?

Sony, for me, had a couple of pretty decent Spider-Man films with Andrew Garfield as the webslinger, namely 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man and 2014’s imaginatively-titled sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I actually enjoyed the latter of the two more, even if it did tease that it was going to end with a fight between Spidey and Rhino, and just ended right at that moment – that’s typical Hollywood lazy teasing… and for a third movie which never came because Sony sold their soul to Disney.

However, money was most clearly on their minds. And on entering the House of Mouse, they were certainly on their way to Banksville… which isn’t a pun on Saving Mr Banks and its Disney connection but, just… y’know, money.

That said, is it all Sony’s fault? Some have said that Disney wanted a bigger cut than they were already getting. Who knows, outside of those companies’ employees, but the fans are losing their minds.

Either way, it has led to the hashtags being created: #SaveSpiderMan and #BoycottSony, and tweets like those below.

Also, will it mean recasting the lead? Like Mr Garfield, Tom Holland had only appeared in two films to do. Sure, I don’t think he can act, I wasn’t big on Spider-Man: Homecoming, and I completely avoided Spider-Man: Far From Home because I’ve had enough of most superhero movies, especially the individual ones, so I saved myself over two hours by just spending two minutes reading the entire plot synopsis on Wikipedia. Job done.

And, more importantly, might uber-hottie Marisa Tomei also be recast?!

Or, he could remain in the role, but just not mention anything to do with Marvel, which will seem rather odd given the groundwork that’s been laid out in the films so far, as well as the fact that ‘Homecoming‘ coined in $880m at the worldwide box-office, and ‘Far From Home‘ took $1.1bn!

In addition, Sony have only just bought Insomniac Games, too, who made the 2018 Spider-Man PS4 game. It wasn’t my bag, but as usualy, I’m wrong, and everyone else loved it. I expect people played Spidey with Tom Holland in mind, and were looking forward to several sequels, imagining him as the character, but now, they could just have destroyed that.

As an aside, to this day, I’ve only seen the first of the three Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films. Why? I just never got round to the others. One day I will as he’s a decent actor.