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Trigger Point Series 2

Trigger Point Series 2 sees Lana (Vicky McClureWithout Sin) returning to the fore after having spent six months training bomb disposal teams in Estonia. Her first task is to give a routine talk to security bods from the big banks about bomb-centred terrorism, but don’tcha just know it, there’s a bomb attack! Will she take out the trash?

Well, what’s certain – and a complete nonsense – is that not only does this bomb go off just as she’s giving her talk, but also she appears to be giving the talk in the middle of the night! In fact, it looks like the opening scene from The Last Of Us (below), as Sarah wakes up, walks into Joel’s room and sees huge explosions outside – but that’s way past midnight.

For this drama, even if it was the depth of winter, it would be at least 5pm as Lana starts to talk, and any guest speaker would be saying their peace in a morning meeting. By 3pm, most of the regular staff would’ve gone!

Anyhoo, Lana is now separated from Thom (Mark StanleyThe Reckoning), who’s since seeing someone else (see how many seconds it will take you to guess), and stupidly, John Hudson (Kris HitchenThe Long Shadow) is back again, even after causing a world of shit last time. In no real world would that happen, so for a flagship drama like this, that’s just very poor writing.

For this sort of job, you need to be able to trust your team, so why on Earth would he be working with them again? And why are other members of the the team just accepting it? This would never happen at AC12.

There’s a lot of muffled dialogue, with no subtitles on the preview, and I could see the second series is available on ITVX from the morning of the first broadcast, so however you watch it, I’d highly recommend enabling those.

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At least, with this bomb, there’s no question as to who’s planted it, because we see them at the very start, but even though – at the time of posting this review – the entire second series is online, I’ll still avoid visible spoilers as I know a lot of people still watch when broadcast live. For any additional comments per episode that are specific to certain points, I’ll still avoid obvious plot spoilers, but I’ll still put them behind a spoiler header that you must click on in order to read them.

However, it’s safe to say that this lot cut things even more fine than James Bond!

I’ve seen the first two episodes of Trigger Point Series 2 so far, yet while further calamity regularly ensues for the team, for a bunch of individuals who are supposed to be professional, they only have themselves to blame, and would have been better off employing the Marx Brothers(!)

In fact, they make it look like a slow-motion car crash, where you know it’s going to be disappointing, but you just can’t look away.

Still, on the plus side, who do we get playing Lana’s father, Jeff, but The Actor Kevin Eldon! Now, drink your weak lemon drink!

The following comments are episode-specific, so ONLY click on them if you have watched the episode already:

Episode 1:

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Episode 2:

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Trigger Point Series 2 begins on ITV tonight at 9pm. The entire series is already on the ITV Hub. It can be pre-ordered on Blu-ray and DVD, ahead of its release on March 18th.

Trigger Point Series 2 – Official Trailer – ITV

Director: Jon East
Producer: Mat Chaplin
Creator: Daniel Brierley
Writers: Simon Ashdown, Daniel Brierley

Lana Washington: Vicky McClure
DI Thom Youngblood: Mark Stanley
Hass: Nabil Elouahabi
John Hudson: Kris Hitchen
Fran: Zoe Goriely
Commander John Francis: Julian Ovenden
Danny: Eric Shango
DS Helen Morgan: Natalie Simpson
DI Amar Batra: Maanuv Thiara
Nick Hood: Thom Ashley
Suzie: Rose Basista
Hanson: Lee Colley
Hope: Bethan Cullinane
Alex: Tomiwa Edun
Luke: Alexander Eliot
Jeff: The Actor Kevin Eldon
Zara: Victoria Lloyd
Carter: Nick Read
Tim: Dan Whitlam
Sonya Reeves: Kerry Godliman
Shaun Hodge: Antony Byrne
CTSFO 2: Anthony D’Arcy