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Impulsive – a short film from Adam Probets

Impulsive is an engaging short film co-written by Adam Probets (Five Pillars), who also takes the lead role of David Mason. Centered around David, after the accidental death of his brother, indirectly, two of his best mates organise the annual ‘lads’ camping trip. However, things don’t quite go to plan. An unexpected situation is looming […]

God Eater 2: Rage Burst… bursts out on August 30th

God Eater 2: Rage Burst is due out in less than 2 months and it picks up three years after the events of God Eater: Resurrection, where a mysterious red rain sparks a fatal pandemic called the Black Plague. There’s no known cure, and you’re going to be dead for sure, once infected. Members of […]

Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt – a great new mash-up!

Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt is another new mash-up from Cassetteboy. This one is quite phenomenal as it mixes in varies statements from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to the backing track of The Village People’s YMCA. Anyone who’s read my blog about my aortic valve replacement operation knows just how much I’ve got out of the […]

The Chase – contestant Lee drops the F-word

The Chase is a gameshow I’ve got hooked on in recent months, and yesterday, the Final Chase team of Lee, Hayley and Paul had £17,000 in the prize fund. They went on to win, but one of the questions stumped both than and chaser Shaun Wallace, The Dark Destroyer, my favourite male chaser, with his […]

Mark Kermode suffers Dirty Grandpa

Mark Kermode suffers Dirty Grandpa is how I’ve renamed “Mark Kermode reviews Dirty Grandpa“, but this looks to be such a bad movie that the reviewer appears to be sat in the psychologist’s office describing a harrowing experience as he begins, “I think the problem is…” Mr Kermode made me PMSL because he looks like […]

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation – Virtual Reality Event

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is out this week on Blu-ray and DVD, and to celebrate it, commuters and passersby were given the chance to relive the incredible opening scene from the worldwide blockbuster film, by participating in a virtual reality experience at London’s Victoria Station. Pop on an Oculus Rift headset (so damn good with […]

World Psoriasis Day discussion – Toby Hadoke & Dr Christine Bundy (Breakfast, 29.10.15)

Today is World Psoriasis Day, and both comedian Toby Hadoke and The University of Manchester’s Dr Christine Bundy appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about it and their discussion is below. Toby has an engaging Psoriasis Blog online about his condition, and I suffer from eczema which is also no fun, but if you want […]

Laser IMAX – format of the future? – Kermode Uncut

Laser IMAX is a format I’m very excited about, generally because I love a big film showing in IMAX that’s been shot with IMAX cameras (or at least partially in IMAX), but while most recent modern films are shot in digital IMAX, they only have a widescreen aspect ratio that opens up to around 1.89:1, […]

Tom Hiddleston does impressions of Robert De Niro and more

Tom Hiddleston (right), aka Loki from The Avengers, was on the Graham Norton Show to talk about his new film, Crimson Peak, whilst also dropping in impressions of Owen Wilson, with whom he worked on Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris, and then Christopher Walken, plus a dual role of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro […]

Hell’s Club – The best movie mash-up ever!

Hell’s Club is the movie mash-up from Antonio Maria Da Silva which makes all other mash-ups ever made look like amateurs. It’s the place where all fictional characters meet. It’s outside of time and outside of all logic. This place is known as Hell’s Club, but the club is not safe… It’s The Terminator vs […]

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