Ben Wheatley to direct first two Doctor Who Peter Capaldi episodes for 2014

ben wheatleyBen Wheatley, director of Sightseers, Kill List and last year’s A Field In England, which premiered on Blu-ray, DVD, cinema and even TV, all on July 5th, is set to direct the first two Doctor Who episode starring Peter Capaldi, the series of which will air from August 2014.

All three films are a must-watch and Ben Wheatley also directed a number of episodes of BBC3’s Ideal and Channel 4’s Modern Toss.

In other Doctor Who news, the first image has been released which shows Peter Capaldi apparently filming on his first full day on set for the new series, with Jenna Coleman… but isn’t this just from when he filmed his first scene for The Time of the Doctor? After all, he’s wearing the same clothes as Matt Smith was.


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