Handforth Parish Council meeting – Jackie Weaver – viral video

Handforth Parish Council meeting Handforth Parish Council meeting is something I came across this morning, but which took place back in December 2020. I wasn’t sure why it was getting a mention online now, but someone’s leaked it online, and it’s been edited down to 18 minutes.

Whatever the meeting was meant to be about is something they never get down to, but initially, there’s an old man (pictured) who declares himself the Clerk when he’s not meant to, there’s other idiots who start shouting and laughing, there’s a moderator called Jackie Weaver, who after a while pretends that she wants to be addressed as Britney Spears, and it didn’t take long before terms trending on Twitter included “Gollum” (above) and “YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY”, along with the aforementioned female American singer… Jackie Weaver is also being likened to Tiger King star Carole Baskin.

Yep, it’s odd.

For me, I watched the whole thing, but while it’s fun for about five minutes, the rest just drones on. And I understand the police are looking into how the meeting was leaked because it’s official council business, so someone’s going to get the boot for sure.

Check out the viral video below:

Handforth Parish Council meeting – ma0sm