The Best Casino Movies Available on Netflix Right Now

The Best Casino Movies Available on Netflix Right Now The Best Casino Movies Available on Netflix Right Now: Watching a great film can transport people instantly into the world of of high rollers, big spending, and glittering lights. And these days, while people are spending more time at home and less travelling, no subject is doing a better job of it than casino movies.

Recently, the interest in online casino gaming has risen significantly, leaving more people fascinated with this glittering world and wanting to learn more. If that’s you, we suggest you check out the following highly-rated casino movies on Netflix. These are our top 5 recommendations to get you started.

Casino Royale: The 2006 fan-favorite Casino Royale featured Daniel Craig in his first role as James Bond. The 7th James Bond is an MI6 secret agent on a dangerous assignment to save the world. To do that, he has to catch Le Chiffre, but also needs to beat an international terrorist in a nail-biting game of Poker to stop him from getting the funds he wants.

The movie is packed with heart-pumping fights, shootouts, and fast car chases. Despite the serious storyline, the movie is also sprinkled with comedy, beautiful women, luxury cars, and futuristic gadgets. If you missed out on Casino Royale for whatever reason, now is the time to catch up on Netflix.

Casino: From just the name, you can already get an idea about what this movie is about, yet there’s so much more than meets the eye with this one. In Casino, Robert De Niro plays the role of a casino boss to perfection in this epic crime film. It gives viewers a glimpse into life at the Tangiers Casino in the ‘70s. The film digs a little deeper than many other movies with similar themes. Viewers also get a hint of the politics surrounding the running of a casino and the loopholes that get exploited in the process, as well as the incredible amounts of real money involved with casino gameplay. It’s an intense yet interesting watch!

Ocean’s Eleven: If it interests you to know how the casinos really work, as well as how to pick up a few poker bluffing tips, you will enjoy this Netflix movie. In the movie, Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, is out on parole and masterminds a daring casino heist to rob the top three casinos in Las Vegas—all at the same time. With the help of an old friend named Rusty Ryan, played by Brad Pitt, they gather a group of experts from various backgrounds to carry out the grand plot. Not many casino-themed films explore the inner workings of a casino like Ocean’s Eleven does. Plus, with an additional cast of Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, and other stars, it’s no wonder it remains a massive hit 20 years later.

The Gambler: This movie paints a very descriptive picture of addictive gambling. Mark Wahlberg plays Jim Bennet, a literature professor who digs a massive hole for himself, losing quite a lot of money, with reckless gambling. Now, the real trouble is he must find a way to pay not just the owner of an underground casino but also a loan shark.

With his student’s help working part-time in the casino, the professor manages to get another chance to work his way out of the jam. But it’s still not so easy. The Gambler deserves a place on your must-watch Netflix casino-themed movie list.

Bugsy: Rarely is gambling discussed without Las Vegas in the topic and this movie goes into the history of the dazzling city. Before it became known as Sin City, Las Vegas was just an arid landscape in Nevada. Bugsy tells the story of how the charismatic yet sinister mobster Bugsy Siegel became one of the founding fathers of Las Vegas.

Played by Warren Beatty, the movie takes viewers back to the 1940s when the entertainment paradise was only a dingy spot in the desert. Bugsy, who is short-tempered but exuberant, with refined taste in women (proven by his relationship with Virginia Hill), is a figure that will bring life to your screen and make the 150 minutes of the movie worth every minute.