Rogue – Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 6 – The DVDfever Review


Rogue is the sixth episode of (ahem) Season 1.

So, we have a shape-shifting character in this one. Wow, that hasn’t been done before…

Russell T Davies also obviously wanted to put Bridgerton into this, so Ruby crowbars in a mention of it in her first sentence. And another, within ten minutes of that, in case you missed it the first time.

Both of our two leads go sharking, but while she’s not going to settle for just anyone, he’ll happily sit on any old cock, and picks the titular character. Rogue is a bounty hunter, like The Fall Guy is meant to be – even though that wasn’t a part of the recent movie.

Alas, all this ended up being was for a gay love story, same as 2022’s un-Fantastic Beasts movie, and, of course, RTD’s Queer As Folk, which had a great first series, followed by a stupid and rushed two-parter, albeit spawning two US series. I saw the first season of the first one, when it was shown on BBC Three at the time, and it was worth watching, but they never showed any more of the five seasons. However, viewers just want entertaining sci-fi, not this.

There’s a lot of running around, also involving holding hands, even though it’s much more efficient to move faster by running the normal way, not just prancing about like you’re still on the 1813 dance floor, while being chased by a bunch of feathery chickens.

Once again, we had another episode which was all setup and a limp-dick payoff.

As an aside, Indira Varma previously appeared on Torchwood, but returns to the stupidly-named ‘Whoniverse’ as the Duchess of Pemberton.

As another aside, the trailer for next week’s penultimate episode, The Legend of Ruby Sunday, sees Bonnie Langford return as Melanie Bush, and this week’s episode was dedicated to William Russell (19 November 1924 – 3 June 2024), who died last Monday, and played Ian Chesterton, primarily from 1963-1965, but also popped up in the 2022 Centenary Special, The Power Of The Doctor

You can watch Rogue on the BBC iPlayer.

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Rogue – Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 6 – Official Trailer – BBC

Director: Ben Chessell
Producer: Chris May
Writers: Kate Herron, Briony Redman
Music: Murray Gold

The Doctor: Ncuti Gatwa
Ruby Sunday: Millie Gibson
Rogue: Jonathan Groff
Duchess of Pemberton: Indira Varma
Lord Barton: Paul Forman
Emily Beckett: Camilla Aiko
Carla Sunday: Michelle Greenidge
Lord Galpin: Maxim Ays
The Portrait: Susan Twist
Housekeeper: Debra Baker
Butler: Ashley Campbell
Miss Talbot: Nancy Brabin-Platt
Mr Price: David Charles