The Baby – The DVDfever Review – Sky Atlantic – Michelle de Swarte

The Baby The Baby is a weird series to unpack…

Continuity goes out of the window, when – and I’ll only spell out what happens in the opening scene without giving too many spoilers later on.

First up, we see a young woman, Lydia (Sophie Reid), running away from cops for reasons unknown, and towards a cliff edge. They want to save the baby after she makes a descent, but what of the child?

Then cut to three female friends, where Natasha (Michelle De SwarteThe Duchess) is trying to tell a story, but Mags (Shvorne Marks) is preoccupied with her own baby, while Rita (Isy Suttie, aka Dobby from Peep Show) is now pregnant with her own offspring due. So, the only one not particularly bothered about motherhood is the lead, Natasha.

Enough of life in the city, she goes away for a couple of days, for a break along the coast – unwisely, in practical location terms, in an apartment actually on the beach, and at the bottom of a cliff edge – which results in chancing upon the baby, and handing him back to the cops from earlier, saying she’s going home, but… the child has other plans, since he has a very creepy look, and bad stuff starts to happen when he’s around…

As I mentioned before, this jumps about time-wise – since the episodes contain elements which happened before the current situation, and goes back to an earlier time when a Chinese woman is with the titular baby whilst in a cafe, where Lydia works. And whatever happens, when the baby is around, death is never far away…

I’ve watched a couple of episodes, and I’m not really sure where this is going. It’s just randomly bumping people off with a baby that’s more scary than Damien in The Omen, but that seems to be about it.

Thereare some daft moments, however, such as when Natasha takes that seaside room, rented by chainsmoking landlady Mrs Eaves (Amira Ghazalla), only to find that as she lights up, the landlady tells her, “No smoking(!)”

The Baby is not available to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD, but streams on Sky Atlantic from Thursday July 7th.

The Baby – Official Trailer – Sky Atlantic

Detailed specs:

Running time: 25-30 minutes per episode (8 episodes)
Release date: July 7th 2022
Studio: Sky Atlantic
Format: 2.00:1

Directors: Nicole Kassell, Stacey Gregg
Producer: Lucy Gaymer
Writer: Sian Robins-Grace
Creators: Lucy Gaymer, Sian Robins-Grace
Music: Lucrecia Dalt

Natasha: Michelle De Swarte
Mrs Eaves: Amira Ghazalla
The Baby: Albie Pascal Hills, Arthur Levi Hills
Lydia: Sophie Reid
Bobbi: Amber Grappy
Len: Charlie Wernham
Tim: Sam Boyd
Rita: Isy Suttie
Mags: Shvorne Marks
Raffi: Zharae Jones Duncan, Rakye Jones Duncan
Jinn: Bhav Joshi
Stevo: Joe Parker
Lyle: Patrice Naiambana
Lester: Leslie Davidoff
Officer Wren: Andrew Gallo
Sgt Nielsen: Robin Weaver
Fooze: Divian Ladwa
Bruv: Shadow
Yolanda Ray: Angela Yeoh
Woman with pram: Roanna Appleby