This Is England 90 Trailer – Sunday 13th Sept Channel 4


This Is England 90 follows on from the previous series from Shane Meadows, This Is England 88, in 2011, and 2010’s This Is England 86, as well as the 2006 original This Is England movie, meaning Lol (Vicky McClureLine Of Duty), Woody (Joseph GilgunPride), Shaun (Thomas TurgooseBirdsong) and the gang are back for the final chapter of the director’s award-winning series which is co-written by Meadows and Jack Thorne.

I have to confess I’ve never seen any part of the This Is England canon before now, but I was at Keele University from 1990-93, so greatly remember the Madchester music, even if I never went into the Hacienda back home. I really should’ve done. And now it’s all been turned into flats, but then it couldn’t carry on as a club when morons were coming in brandishing guns. For those unsure, the music piece featured in the trailer is The Stone Roses’ Fools Gold. And if you’re ever in Manchester on a Friday night, get down 42nd Street on Bootle Street as they have some great indie/rock tunes playing including the Roses.

This Is England 90 begins this Sunday on Channel 4 at 9pm, and runs for four episodes. More info is available on the Channel 4 website and the official Facebook page.

You can also pre-order the DVD of the series, and also the soundtrack CD, and click on the top cast image for the full-size version.

Check out the trailer below and also visit the British Subcultures Youtube channel for some behind the scenes videos for this new series: