Kueez – the Facebook ‘opposite sex’ app scam

Kueez is the latest ‘craze’ on Facebook, and an app that lots of people have been using… people who think they’re in the ‘cool club’ by using it because they see other people have. So, it’s another bandwagon, basically.

In the quest to discover how they’ll look as the opposite sex, some people haven’t changed at all between the two pictures, while others look quite disturbing… although they might well have done so anyway.

However, one thing hardly anyone ever reads when logging in with Facebook to these apps is the terms and conditions, which states that they agree to hand over all their private information to a dodgy marketing company, so if you’ve put your phone number and address into the social media site, then don’t be surprised when you get spammed to hell with calls and emails and more, about all sorts of irrelevant rubbish. So it’s a massive scam.

Kueez have other ‘games’ on their site, such as “Who will forever be in your heart?”, “Do you remember your first photo?” and “Are you a good mother?”

There’s also “How will your friends remember you?”

Well, if you’ve signed up for Kueez, they might think you’re a bit of a dumbass, so stay clever and avoid trash like this.

PS. I’ve been contacted with legal threats from Kueez, and am currently waiting for them a response.

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  • Wow you really are a miserable killjoy aren’t you? It’s an AI experiment and it’s quite funny, it’s using the same tech that’s in FaceApp, and NORMAL people find it funny.

  • Kiss goodbye to all your personal info, then.

  • Maybe you should try making a Facebook app then you might have a clue what you’re talking about. Every app doesn’t have complete access to all your data.

  • This particular app has a access to basic profile, that’s name, age, sex, profile pic etc, date of birth, and photos (obviously, so you can pick one for it to use) I do hope that isn’t “all of your personal info”.

  • n2kmaster

    LOL at all the gender confused people who think this is accurately showing what they would look like if their junk was the opposite.

  • Yeah, they won’t want anything important, eh?

  • And now they’ll get spammed to hell from the company they’ve given their info to.

  • Jesse Britton

    According to their permissions: They want your public profile… (no big deal I guess, as I’ve already selectively determined what I’m comfortable with being public). They want your birthday… (weird, but not a deal breaker). They want your email address…. (Ohhhh, ok…no thanks). AND, they want ALL of your photos….(oh, HELL NO)!!!

    They make ignorants, like you, assume that their access to your photos, is to run the opposite sex app…but that’s BULLSHIT. You should just be able to only provide A SINGLE picture (that YOU CHOOSE), for them to use… NOT ALL of your NON public photos.

    If you suddenly want to give away the stuff you ALREADY previously selected to remain PRIVATE on your FB profile, to god knows WHO…that’s totally fine, it’s YOUR prerogative. You do you, the rest of us will do us. BUT, the fact that you come on here berating other people, who are simply trying to protect THEIR OWN personal info…. Telling them to “get a clue”…when it’s YOU who needs to get a clue: Is ridiculous. Quit being an asshole, and quit trying to push your views onto others.

  • Angelina Marie

    For one thing, it is not usually accurate.

    For another, no closeted trans person would post something like that in public, out of sheer terror. And although I saw one of my post-transition friends play with it, most of us have no interest in seeing what we used to be. One thing the app doesn’t capture about transition is the sheer misery of before, vs the sheer joy of after.

    That’s what YOU can’t see. It’s priceless, I will say. That moment of realization that it is working is quite beautiful. It’s the part of the journey no stupid little app can capture.

    People who seek transition usually are dying by the time they’re ready to throw one life away for the other. I think the person more confused in this conversation is you. You seem to have decided an awful lot about something without knowing a thing. The hormones are what do the work.

    The body is just a blank template and it can be easily switched. A fundamental realization people like you are too frightened to grasp.

  • I stand by exactly what I’ve said. You’re just overly paranoid, what the fuck are they going to do with your photos exactly?

  • Oh fuck off you self righteous prick. I’ve made Facebook apps amongst many others, and just because you have access to photos does not mean that you’re going to do anything malicious. How about you reel your fucking neck in?

  • See, paranoia, you considered medication? Or getting a life?

  • Sherif Magdy


  • Last from me honestly, Jesse you might want to lock down your Facebook profile if you’re that bothered, because there’s quite a bit that I can download without even needing to write an app.

  • Robney Mcplum

    I used the app, and the next day I got AIDS

  • n2kmaster


  • n2kmaster is not bright.

  • Hello

  • You don’t know how marketing companies work, do you? They don’t create the apps for the good of their health.

    And you keep saying you’re leaving, but then come back. Telling me to “fuck off” doesn’t help, either.

  • No Dom, you have no idea how Facebook apps actually work and the complexities behind the graph API. This has got fuck all to do with marketing companies. What you’re suggesting is being done is absurd and paranoid. I’ll keep coming back just as long as your clueless ass keeps arguing. Go for it.

  • Oh yeah and point out where I told YOU to fuck off. That was aimed at the “other” prick. You just have to play the victim. Don’t you?

  • So if it’s not about marketing, why do they take your info?

  • Aww… lickle baby Nicky Pateman keeps pissing his pants….

  • See there again, you assume all that shit, you didn’t make the app, have no experience with making apps, and are clearly paranoid. One minute you’re worried they have ALL your photos, oh no!!! Then when given the logistics behind that you abandon that idea and still think you’re being gamed for your email!! My email address is in clear on my website, and there are plenty of legitimate sources that will spam you. Facebook isn’t some news source of that, why do they take your email? Some sites use it to create accounts in their backend infrastructure, some will obviously sell it on, some don’t use it at all. But you’re suggesting anyone that participates is a moron, lol. Also one other point of marketing, legitimate companies don’t use illegally harvested email spam lists when they could just target you on Facebook without your email anyway.

  • Yeah ok. That’s mature isn’t it?

  • They’re not legitimate, are they.

  • U ok, hun?

  • So a bit more about that “powered by FaceApp” app. If you have seen FaceApp, you’ll know that they have a subscription option for people wanting the latest AI filters. Overpriced and not worth it, but anyway. So as you know so much about marketing, a guess why they would want your email is to pre-onboard you in their backend system so that they can calculate conversion metrics if you do subscribe. But you know all about marketing and how these things work and how much companies value to investors relies on such information. Just further reiteration of your paranoid cluelessness.

  • Hahahhahahaaa! It still continues!

  • Nat
  • Do you want to add graphics to my videos, too? 😀

  • See you ask questions, pretend you know what you’re talking about, and nothing. Useless. You haven’t got a clue. Go back to reviewing DVDs and moaning about drivers.

  • Hilarious, very b3ta.

  • Yes they are, here we go, CAST ASPERSION, try following it up with facts. Oh you have none. Fat, useless, tedious, boring, cunt.

  • You’re a genius you are aren’t you?

  • Go and visit their website https://www.faceapp.com. ask yourself, is this company developing an artificial intelligence system for modifying people’s faces and creating additional filters as a prescription based service to get people’s email addresses, or subscription money? Hmmm….

  • Try and join in a sensible debate, you might learn something for a change. I know this is your blog and you only intended it for letting the world know your opinions on everything, but come on, it will be fun.

  • Your original comment was “Hilarious, very b3ta.” So, you’ve outed yourself as coming from that shithole. Are you one of my stalker’s pseudonyms?

  • You’ve removed your own comment; “Yes they are, here we go, CAST ASPERSION, try following it up with facts. Oh you have none. Fat, useless, tedious, boring, cunt.”

    Why are you calling yourself a “Fat, useless, tedious, boring, cunt.”?

  • Yeah I did, I thought it was a bit harsh. And your point is? Why would I be calling myself that Dom?

  • You have many haters from many places Dom, and stalking you is not even on my agenda. Correcting you on your ignorance to this subject was. But it’s clear that you’re incapable of arguing your own corner.

  • I’ll say it again and leave it if you want?

  • You obviously get a chubby from people insulting you.

  • That’s between you and your therapist.

  • Holy shit, even when getting facts from the creators themselves… You can’t just admit it. I’m going to make this my last post on this “blog” for sure. There’s no saving clueless gimps like you.

  • I don’t have any “haters”. What are you on about, stalker?

    All your original comments have been safely recorded to be passed on to the police, BTW.

  • Thanks, nothing I’ve done is illegal so that’s fine with me. Xxx

  • Stalking is definitely illegal, so that’s the crime you’ve committed.

  • Hahaha!!!! Stalking? So using my real profile and name, I’ve commented on your blog for the first time ever, to a post that happens to be in my area of expertise, attempted to correct you, as I found your arrogance and ignorance on the subject highly offensive to anyone trying to make an honest living in this field and all you have done in response is attempt to belittle me, and then when I eventually insulted you and mentioned b3ta due to your childish and provocative responses, that makes me a stalker? You are really clutching at straws there so good luck with showing them this clear, black and white evidence of you being an arsehole online and blaming it on someone else, because that’s all this shows. Read it back in chronological order. Oh and you can find my email address on my website, I’ll happily take this further if you’re going to slander me online for knowing more about digital marketing and software development than you. I’ll look forward to it.

  • Oh and yes, you have a reputation online, it will follow you, don’t blame anyone but yourself for that bruh.

  • So if you weren’t my stalker, then this is apparently your first comments on my website, yet you know all about me online. Dream on, Buster.

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