Kueez – the Facebook ‘opposite sex’ app scam

Kueez is the latest ‘craze’ on Facebook, and an app that lots of people have been using… people who think they’re in the ‘cool club’ by using it because they see other people have. So, it’s another bandwagon, basically.

In the quest to discover how they’ll look as the opposite sex, some people haven’t changed at all between the two pictures, while others look quite disturbing… although they might well have done so anyway.

However, one thing hardly anyone ever reads when logging in with Facebook to these apps is the terms and conditions, which states that they agree to hand over all their private information to a dodgy marketing company, so if you’ve put your phone number and address into the social media site, then don’t be surprised when you get spammed to hell with calls and emails and more, about all sorts of irrelevant rubbish. So it’s a massive scam.

Kueez have other ‘games’ on their site, such as “Who will forever be in your heart?”, “Do you remember your first photo?” and “Are you a good mother?”

There’s also “How will your friends remember you?”

Well, if you’ve signed up for Kueez, they might think you’re a bit of a dumbass, so stay clever and avoid trash like this.

PS. I’ve been contacted with legal threats from Kueez, and am currently waiting for them a response.