You can’t use Facebook at the moment – Why?

You can't use Facebook at the moment You can’t use Facebook at the moment – Huh?

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook… how do I hate you? Let me count the ways…

Last night, I ended up in ‘Facebook jail’ for no particular reason, and certainly not one that I knew until this morning.

A bit of background, and my mother has had at least one stroke in the autumn of 2018 and now is basically housebound with carers coming in. Given the coronavirus situation, I can’t even visit her at the moment!

Yes, I can phone her when required, but we use the Messenger function a huge amount because you can send a message whenever you need to, and she can pick it up when it’s convenient for her. Sure, there’s email, but Messenger is so much easier for her to use, especially from a tablet.

And now, thanks to the power of automation, I was locked out of my Facebook account for no apparent reason. While using it, it said I wasn’t logged in, then when I did so again, it said “You can’t use Facebook at the moment” (PC version above, and mobile version below), and on my PC I had to submit a photo of myself.

This is the situation you hear about when people use a fake name, and then have to use your real name… but I’m already using my real name!

A quick Google showed that by looking up “facebook report login issue”, I can send Facebook a message about this (only via the mobile, since the PC version wouldn’t send… presumably because they’d locked me out!) However, no-one will read it, let alone reply, and especially when they’re short-staffed at the moment. Then again, they never reply anyway.

So, not only can I not get into Facebook, but also so many apps and programs are tied into Facebook as a login, one being the service “” which takes posts from my site and automatically puts them on my DVDfever Facebook page. However, this service has rather become less useful of late, since the free version changed from allowing 10 posts within 24 hours to just 3. Sure, I wouldn’t usually post 10 times in a day, but quite often there would be more than 3; and the service isn’t worth the cash for a couple of extra posts to be displayed automatically. I can post those manually if required.

Anyhoo, that was late last night, at which point I just watched some TV and then went to bed… and then this morning, suddenly and without warning, my account is back!

What was it that took me offline? I haven’t had a notification to tell me everything’s fine. However, last night it told me to look in my Support Inbox…. which I couldn’t bloody access! This morning, I see it’s something to do with posting in a group. I never post anything untoward in those, just mainly links from this website, so unless someone saw their arse over something, who knows? Which one was it? Who did it? Who knows? Would be nice if they just asked me first. Hey ho.