Christchurch shootings could end Facebook Live

Christchurch shootings
The Christchurch shootings are one hell of a tragedy, and is has led to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern taking the unprecedented step of the State footing the bill for the funerals of all of the victims. All that said, I think it could possibly bring about the end of Facebook Live.

Aside from what this particular Facebook Live video was used for, I’ve never ever had such a notification pop up from anyone on my friends list and thought “Wow, I need to STOP what I’m doing and watch this!”

Sure, I watch a lot of videos on Youtube, and upload vlogs and gameplay on a regular basis, but I wish there was an option to stop notifications for all of these ‘live’ videos on any platform, but no, Facebook makes it a difficult option where you have to do it once-per-friend.

They want you to keep watching. They want to keep you on the Facebook platform. They want to please their advertisers. They want that cash-money to keep rolling in.

Then a fucking headcase heard the call and gave Mark Zuckerberg what he wanted: The 2019 equivalent of the movie Network, the one where Peter Finch played newscaster Howard Beale who was at the end of his tether with life and the world, and had a complete meltdown live on air, culminating in a cry of “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more!”

And platforms like Facebook Live have exacerbated that.