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Money donated towards a child’s kidney transplant every time her picture is shared on Facebook? – HOAX!

Money donated towards a child’s kidney transplant every time her picture is shared on Facebook? – HOAX! A friend sent me this, as they believed it, but it’s yet another of those Facebook hoaxes doing the rounds. Apparently, this girl is from Northern Ireland, and every time her picture is shared on Facebook Messenger, one […]

Christchurch shootings could end Facebook Live

The Christchurch shootings are one hell of a tragedy, and is has led to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern taking the unprecedented step of the State footing the bill for the funerals of all of the victims. All that said, I think it could possibly bring about the end of Facebook Live. Dom RobinsonReviewer […]

Deadline tomorrow!! Everything you’ve ever posted on Facebook becomes public from tomorrow!! – NOT!!!

Deadline tomorrow? Pardon? Yes, it’s time for idiots to panic once again as a Facebook hoax from 2012 does the rounds once again. The following is what a lot of people have been led to think they should post which would stop Mark Zuckerberg’s company from making all their posts public. Fact is, they WON’T […]

GodinWorld – the Facebook Valentine’s Day app scam

GodinWorld follows social media junk like Kueez in tricking you into handing over all your personal data, since no-one reads the terms and conditions properly when they’re just after a quick ‘lol’ on Facebook, and this site’s latest app reckons it can tell you who your Valentine will be this year. It reads: Dom RobinsonReviewer […]

Kueez – the Facebook ‘opposite sex’ app scam

Kueez is the latest ‘craze’ on Facebook, and an app that lots of people have been using… people who think they’re in the ‘cool club’ by using it because they see other people have. So, it’s another bandwagon, basically. In the quest to discover how they’ll look as the opposite sex, some people haven’t changed […]

Facebook newsfeed – copy-and-paste scam

Facebook newsfeed – are you sick of people telling you to copy and paste the same messages? Or shameless attention-seeking, asking you to comment/like their post? I see this sort of thing all the time, and I made a video about it recently. I hadn’t posted it on here at the time, but I saw […]

Facebook likes – the new system is another missed opportunity

Facebook likes. They’re those things that some of us fail to get more than a handful per status update, whereas others seem to fall over them with the frequency of Elizabeth Taylor and husbands. What Facebook have done is to alter them such that when you hover over the ‘like’ button, you can choose between […]

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