You can’t tag people at the moment on Facebook – Why?

You can’t tag people at the moment You can’t tag people at the moment on Facebook – Why?

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook… Once again, how do I hate you? Let me count the ways…

Back in March, I ended up in ‘Facebook jail’ for no particular reason, even though I was using my real name, unlike some.

I couldn’t even message my mother, who’s still in and out of hospital these days, nor even check my Support Inbox which it told me to check(!)

With this, sure, I tag people from time to time like a lot of others do, but without any message at all, I’m stopped from doing so. Then, after 24 hours (i.e. this morning), I was able to tag people again…. and later this evening… I cannot. WTF?

When you end up in this situation, it says “To prevent any misuse, we temporarily restricted your account.”

Misuse?! Like, say, a President might misuse his position? Or a former Vice President might pretend he still has all his faculties, George?

Well, it does give you an option to “Disagree with decision”, but…

Click on that and it tells you… “Thanks for your feedback. We use it to make improvements on future decisions.”

So, it makes no fucking difference whatsoever! What a load of fucking bollocks!

Whatever next? I get blocked from getting into Facebook again, so I also can’t access a ton of apps and programs which are tied into Facebook as a login? This is pathetic!

“You can’t tag people at the moment”, my arse!