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Robney McPlum (aka Ian) – My stalker revealed

Robney McPlum is the pseudonym of an individual I have yet to learn his full name. I know his first name is Ian or Iain, and all I have of his email address is ia************* I *will* find out the full details about him because he has forced me to this with his sick, twisted […]

Millennial Railcard – The one thing 26 to 30-year-olds couldn’t buy today

Millennial Railcard was the highest trending topic today on Twitter, but for a very particular kind of railcard: one that gives you substantial discounts on all your rail travel – one third, in fact. This is very useful if you use that particular type of public transport on a daily basis to get to work. […]

BAFTAs and Oscars – why are they so false and unrepresentative of popular opinion?

BAFTAs 2018 are broadcast tonight, with the Oscars not far away, but in both cases, as with other awards ceremonies, all the same sorts of films being up for awards. Frances McDormand is up for Best Actress in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, but to me, she’s just the same old same old. Big-name critics […]

GodinWorld – the Facebook Valentine’s Day app scam

GodinWorld follows social media junk like Kueez in tricking you into handing over all your personal data, since no-one reads the terms and conditions properly when they’re just after a quick ‘lol’ on Facebook, and this site’s latest app reckons it can tell you who your Valentine will be this year. It reads: Dom RobinsonReviewer […]

Kueez – the Facebook ‘opposite sex’ app scam

Kueez is the latest ‘craze’ on Facebook, and an app that lots of people have been using… people who think they’re in the ‘cool club’ by using it because they see other people have. So, it’s another bandwagon, basically. In the quest to discover how they’ll look as the opposite sex, some people haven’t changed […]

The Silence of the Lambs – now a 15-certificate?!

The Silence Of The Lambs is a film I haven’t seen in years. Wasn’t a big fan first time, but it was better on second viewing, with exceptional performances from both Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. Chances are, the quality of the TV broadcast in HD and on my TV now (even on Channel 5), […]

Facebook newsfeed – copy-and-paste scam

Facebook newsfeed – are you sick of people telling you to copy and paste the same messages? Or shameless attention-seeking, asking you to comment/like their post? I see this sort of thing all the time, and I made a video about it recently. I hadn’t posted it on here at the time, but I saw […]

Nightmare on Morrisons Street

I put this down partly to the fact that I’m still feeling rough from last night so I’m not firing on all cylinders. However, in doing the regular shopping, I opted for Morrisons this time round as they have 10p off every litre of fuel until tomorrow as long as you spend £50. Fine. I […]

Sainsburys 2017 – Worst Christmas Advert Ever?

Sainsburys Christmas 2017 advert – there aren’t enough swear words in the world. As if the “food dancing“, “finger licking” and “blue tongues” (to name but three) weren’t bad enough, we now have the Sainsbury Xmas advert for 2017 which features a ton of underpaid ‘actors’ badly singing different parts of a turgid ‘song’ (in […]

Justice League – Why I think I’ll love it

Justice League – am I the only one looking forward to this movie because the critics are ganging up against it? Telegraph stated the “superhero embarrassment is beyond saving” while Vanity Fair called it “a big, ugly mess”. Meanwhile, the Metro just moaned that they couldn’t print their review today due to the press embargo, […]

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