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Tesco ditch carrier bags and ruin everyone’s lives

“Tesco! Tesco! Where The Best Go!” once went a song by an ex-employee (below), but while I frequent there for my main food shopping every few weeks (I have a huge USA fridge freezer), heading to Aldi and Lidl in the meantime for my weekly fruit and veg, if there’s one thing I rely upon, […]

Last night’s London terrorist attacks

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the London terrorist attacks last night. So far, seven people have died and 48 others have injured. Let’s hope there’s no more loss of life. It was a ghastly tragedy, feeling like Grand Theft Auto in real life, in 3 places at once. It set me thinking that […]

Last night’s Manchester Arena attack

My thoughts are with the friends and family of those who were killed in the Manchester Arena attack, as Ariana Grande’s concert came to an end, as well as all those who have been affected. Cowardly terrorists never break the resolve of a city’s people. We’re always told to “remain vigilant” but somehow these individuals […]

Alien Covenant Superticket – Odeon’s Superhype?

Alien Covenant Superticket – it sounds like a great idea! But is it? Get to your local Odeon for next Wednesday, April 26th, and it looks like they’re showing 261 minutes of Alien-related goodness. The 2012 Prometheus movie, followed by… around 15 minutes of Alien Covenant. On the night, that is. You will get to […]

PC Keith Palmer – a tragedy – yes, but…

PC Keith Palmer is the cop who was murdered by Khalid Masood in the Westminster Attack on March 22nd, after he drove into several people at speed on Westminster Bridge. It’s been said he “laid down his life” when he didn’t at all – he was a victim who was stabbed by a mad man, […]

Why did the elephant wear a Fitbit? Because it can!

I know the news is dumbing down more and more, but today took it to new levels. It started off well, though, as I caught some of the BBC World News programme just before 6am where we were told about Donald Trump’s latest faux-pas – his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, didn’t tell anyone about his […]

The NHS – Why we shouldn’t let the Tories ruin it #SaveOurNHS

Four weeks ago I changed my acid reflux tablets to a stronger type, going back for a follow-up today, I’ve stuck with them long term as they are better, but one thing I forgot to mention last time, and which I did today, is that I have a persistent cough, like a smoker’s cough but […]

Godzilla vs Daniel Blake

Godzilla vs Daniel Blake? Well, Godzilla was a massive hit when rebooted in 2014, but while we wait for the second film to be released, and with Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake being a massive hit last year, I wondered what it’d be like if the two got together, so in the opening scene… (scene […]

BBC One’s 2017 ‘oneness’ idents are a massive fail

BBC One‘s 2017 ‘oneness’ idents started, officially, on New Year’s Day, but we had an occasional set drolled out over Christmas to lead into specific programmes such as Doctor Who’s Christmas Day episode. For those not familiar with the term, they appear just before a programme starts. No-one’s ever forgiven them since they abandoned the […]

My brand new, but annual, pharmacy check-up

It’s not often, in my advancing years, when I’m invited into a lady’s private chamber, but today it happened. Well, it was at the local pharmacy (or, chemist, in layman’s terms) as I have to top myself up with a variety of tablets from time to time, all as a result of having an aortic […]

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