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Why did the elephant wear a Fitbit? Because it can!

I know the news is dumbing down more and more, but today took it to new levels. It started off well, though, as I caught some of the BBC World News programme just before 6am where we were told about Donald Trump’s latest faux-pas – his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, didn’t tell anyone about his […]

The NHS – Why we shouldn’t let the Tories ruin it #SaveOurNHS

Four weeks ago I changed my acid reflux tablets to a stronger type, going back for a follow-up today, I’ve stuck with them long term as they are better, but one thing I forgot to mention last time, and which I did today, is that I have a persistent cough, like a smoker’s cough but […]

Godzilla vs Daniel Blake

Godzilla vs Daniel Blake? Well, Godzilla was a massive hit when rebooted in 2014, but while we wait for the second film to be released, and with Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake being a massive hit last year, I wondered what it’d be like if the two got together, so in the opening scene… (scene […]

BBC One’s 2017 ‘oneness’ idents are a massive fail

BBC One‘s 2017 ‘oneness’ idents started, officially, on New Year’s Day, but we had an occasional set drolled out over Christmas to lead into specific programmes such as Doctor Who’s Christmas Day episode. For those not familiar with the term, they appear just before a programme starts. No-one’s ever forgiven them since they abandoned the […]

My brand new, but annual, pharmacy check-up

It’s not often, in my advancing years, when I’m invited into a lady’s private chamber, but today it happened. Well, it was at the local pharmacy (or, chemist, in layman’s terms) as I have to top myself up with a variety of tablets from time to time, all as a result of having an aortic […]

Free petrol! But where can I get some?

Free petrol? Have I gone mad? You’d think so, but on walking to work between where I’d parked my car and to the office, I saw a man park outside the bank to take some cash out… and left the engine running. with his back turned, someone could’ve stolen it… if it wasn’t for the […]

Miss Butt? Mrs War Boys? Mr Shufflebottom?

5-year-old kid chastised because she laughed at her teacher having the name of Miss Butt… Really? Who didn’t laugh at their teachers’ names back in the day when they were kids? All the time I was in class, rotund German teacher Mr Patchett was referred to, amongst ourselves, as “Fat shit Patchett”. As far as […]

JM07 DEM – the notorious truck (for me, at least)

If there’s one thing I hate when I’m driving, it’s other road users. There’s too many of them, and almost all of them get right up my nose. Or more accurately, right up my backside. Step forward, Mr JM07 DEM! Yesterday on the M60, I had this from a lorry, yet again. When the traffic’s […]

Nintendo Switch – am I the only one not particularly bothered?

Nintendo Switch – am I the only one not particularly bothered about this new console? I’m not one for multiplayer, and the press release, as detailed by Slashgear, doesn’t say anything about processing power (all I’m interested in), but instead focuses on how you can play the game in the house on minute, and then […]

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S – some thoughts…

PS4 Pro is due out in November, and Pocket-Lint are reporting that Sony Interactive Entertainment’s executive vice president of hardware engineering department Masayasu Ito has stated to Pocket Lint that the main reason is that people stream more 4K video than buy the discs. Really? That’s only because the discs are a new thing. Sony […]

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